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Is 3-dimentional High Definition Endoscopic Rhinoplasty Just Hype?

There is a plastic surgeon in Manhattan (Dr. Sam Rizk) who uses a technique he calls 3D high definition endoscopic rhinoplasty. Supposedly by using the 3D high def endoscope he... READ MORE

Structural Reorientation Vs. Camoflaging In Septorhinoplasty? (photo)

Rhinpolasty/septoplasty in 2002 (closed). Surgeon used the "camoflaging," technique whereby the deviation is not corrected per se, but merely hidden through use of... READ MORE

How To Address Hanging Ala and Create Harmony With Columella? (photo)

I have overhanging ala on both sides of my nose, although it's much more prominent on one side (see pics). Part of the reason why one profile looks different than the other... READ MORE

Laser Skin Tightening Post Rhinoplasty?

I had a primary rhinoplasty 10 years ago (East Indian nose, medium-thick skin). The underlying cartilage framework was probably made slightly smaller. Unfortunately, the nasal... READ MORE

Can Existing Septal Cartilage Grafts Be Reused in Revision Rhinoplasty?

Primary closed rhino done in 2002 for deviated nose. Doc used only septal cartilage for spreader grafts and tip work. I asked a couple of revision surgeons whether the existing... READ MORE

Nasal Sutures to Straighten Septum?

Nasal sept straight but deviated to left. Primary rhino doc used closed approach and spreader graft along with a mattress suture. Looking to revision as deviation wasn't... READ MORE

Consistently swollen lower eyelid for 10 years, what can I do about it? (photo)

I have had consistently swollen lower eyelids for about 10 years now and have not been able to figure out how to get rid of it. There is no pain or anything like that, it's... READ MORE

Is the CoolSculpting fat reduction % consistent across treatments?

It is said that after one treatment patients can expect between 20 and 25% of fat loss in the area of treatment. Is the fat loss in each subsequent treatment of the same area... READ MORE