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'm very unhappy with the change in appearance after weight loss at 38, Am I a candidate for a face lift? (photo)

I have lost weight and have another 13kg to go. Now I'm seeing a much older face. I A sunken look to the cheeks, around the mouth and formation of early jowls, some loose neck... READ MORE

How can I achieve High Profile Breasts through surgery after they have sagged? (photos)

The image is fitness model jennifer nicole lee AFTER breast surgery. How could she have achieved such an amazing result after having much larger dropping breasts? and is it... READ MORE

Can silicone breast implants be deflated by a doctor using a syringe or other method?

The reason being, I don't want them to be removed just yet but wish to go down in size partly due to weight loss and in part due to disliking how big they were. Another reason... READ MORE

Best treatment for improving the look of raised scars?

I have some raised white scars up to an inch and a half long and 3mm thick that are about 14 years old. What is the best possible treatment to make them flat and more uniform... READ MORE

Can heavy puffy eyelids be corrected to look more aesthetically pleasing?

Hello. Perhaps you can help...My upper eyelids are heavy and very puffy. I'd like to know what your recommendations are as regards having my eyelids lifted to give a subtle... READ MORE

Lumpiness and pain in one side - 21 year old silicone implants. Any suggestions?

21 yr old silicone implants 200cc under the muscle Last 4 weeks noticed dull burning/aching sensation in one side with lump. In the last 4 days lumpiness increased with circle... READ MORE

Narrow bite with two front teeth slightly twisted to one side and protruding. 40 yrs of age. Any suggestions?

Can anything be done to straighten teeth and create a wider palate at my age? If not - could veneers help to at least give a better appearance and wider smile? Thank you READ MORE

Which lasts longest: fat transfer to face or Juvederm Voluma?

Specifically to treat under eye hollows and for cheekbone enhancement with subtle lifting for early signs of facial sagging. Which in your opinion gives the best, safest, most... READ MORE

Contemplating travelling from Europe to the USA, or Dominican Republic for a BBL; surgery with good surgeons round Christmas?

Travel to States or D.R for bbl which i imagine may include lipo from several areas. It's up to a 13 hour flight which concerns me on the return due to the amount of sitting so... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift - travel from UK to the States - stay for two weeks?

Honest opinions please...Travel from Uk to the States for a bbl, to stay a maximum of 14 days - is this enough time for healing and after care before sitting for a long haul... READ MORE

Only 40 - would a facelift be most effective or something else? (Photo)

Falling face, flat cheeks, squaring of face, jowling and turkey neck developing. I'd like a sharper, clean jaw and chin, lifted cheeks and fuller, symmetrical cheek bones. My... READ MORE

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The responses given here by Dominic and his PA could be taken in different ways - it's good that they took the time to reply to this and Mr Bray. has a good response in that he accepts that a group meeting may not be the way to go - at... READ COMMENT

You look very pretty. I get the impression Dominic Bray is very popular of late but how long did you have to wait from consultation to surgery? Thanks READ COMMENT

You look lovely, thanks for sharing so much - it's a huge help. I'm considering a consultation with Mr Ross - Do you feel the lift has worked? and are you happy with the result? READ COMMENT

Brilliant! Great result. As you say it must be so liberating to be able to wear your hair up and tuck your hair behind your ears :-) I'm going for a consultation to get mine sorted with Dr Musgrove in Cheshire - really exited about... READ COMMENT

Hi Steph - absolutely beautiful and natural looking result! I saw your result not long after you posted and I'm still nervous about going for the same procedure! perhaps I'll build up the courage one day :-) I have a couple of... READ COMMENT