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2nd time around BBL - Destin, FL

Hi All, So I had the procedure done yesterday and the pain was not too bad, but today it is a lot worse, but tolerable. The total procedure took 3.5 hrs. I as soon I am able to I will take pics, although I did measure myself before and after: Before: Hips 40 waist: 36 Thigh: 26 weight 130 Today Hips 41 waist: 35 Thigh: 24 weight: 141 due to fluid, but go down after... READ MORE

Questions from 1NewBooty1

Bending Over After BBL

I am in day 3 post op of the BBL. I havent sat down but is it also bad to bend over? I get tightness in that region and Im scared i could be doing damage to the fat cells? READ MORE

Laying on my Sides After Brazilian Butt Lift

I had a BBL 7 days ago and have been laying on my sides..is this ok? I know you are suppose to keep completely off your butt for 3 weeks but am I doing any harm? READ MORE

Can You Inject So Much Fat into the Butt Before It Starts to Come Back out of the Incision?

Also, once a BBL is done, can you have it done a second time? Will the skin stretch? READ MORE

Second Butt Lift: Dr. Was Only Able to Get 400 CC Before It Came out of the Incision

This was the same problem as my first procedure. Was there a way he could have stretched the skin to get more in. He extracted much more but couldnt fit it back in. READ MORE

Can Being Hit In The Behind Damage BBL Results 3 Weeks Post-Op?

I had a BBL done 25 Days ago or 3.5 weeks. I have been VERY good about not sitting unless I am driving up to this point. But last night my husband slapped my behind while we... READ MORE

I had lipo on my stomach and back a week ago and now my face is breaking out bad?

I had lipo on my stomach and back a week ago and now my face is breaking out bad. In areas that never breakout. Is this due to my body focusing on healing my mid-section. Also... READ MORE

Injury after lipo in flanks. Will this affect anything?

I'm 3 weeks post op and tripped over the dog and hit my side hard enough to leave a huge welt. Will this affect anything? READ MORE

Pain 3 months after chin lipo: Normal?

Hi, is it normal to have pain under my chin. Doesnt hurt in the normal position but when I tilt my head back and stretch my neck it is very painful. Like a thick line that runs... READ MORE

Recent comments from 1NewBooty1

The hard spots do go away..I developed them in my abs and flanks and got worried but they go away. Don't worry READ COMMENT

Girl I feel ya on the people on here who are happy with their results..it can really get you down..I hope everything works out for you! READ COMMENT

Hey Fancy, I had 600cc in each cheek in March and it was all the could put b/c it was going back out. I just had my thighs done lipoed. I wasnt happy at all. Then in July I had another BBL lift and had my tummy and back done. My doc was... READ COMMENT

My butt is super hard but goes back to normal softness after about 4 weeks. He did not charge me to add more. READ COMMENT

I waited 5 mos between surgeries. My doc was able to pull out 4 lbs of fat but only 400 cc's would fit into each cheek (454 cc's = 1lb). When do u go back for ur post op. Can u post some pics? READ COMMENT