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Love Botox -Amherst, MA

I have had botox over the years around my eyes. My Dr. or his nurse practitioner does the injections. They are not too bad; a little bit painful but definitely tolerable. There is really not much to it. I had Dysport one time in San Francisco with no noticeable results though, so I stick to Botox. It's really a great way to reduce the intense lines that form around the eyes. READ MORE

Best Thing I Ever Did! - Amherst, MA

I am an person of Irish decent and I have very dark hair. And the hair was in places that I did not want to maintain all the time. This includes facial hair, belly line, breast, armpit, bikini line. So when I had the funds I had laser hair removal done. I am so happy with the results. No more shaving! READ MORE

not !Wow! -

I was maybe ten pounds over my normal weight; a work injury caused me to not be able to exercise for over a year and I gained a lot of belly and side fat. It bothered me a lot when my jeans began not to fit me. I researched Smart Lipo for a long time. I finally consulted with my doctor (who is actually my PCP) and he told me that I did not need it, but that if I decided to do it I would get... READ MORE

Questions from Sundogcoyote

Question About Doctor's Opinions on People's Experiences One Year Plus After Lipo?

I have been reading the responses of doctors to the questions people have about gaining weight after lipo and fat re-distribution.I am wondering why the doctors don't take the... READ MORE

Smartlipo Ruined my Figure?

I would like some transparency on this issue that does not involve the typical response: Lipo is not an excuse to pig out and not exercise. I had smart lipo on abdomen and... READ MORE

Why No Published Studies?

I asked a question about the lack of transparency concerning smart lipo and a Dr. responded in a way that was exactly what I did not want. I am not asking about whether women... READ MORE

Regarding Liposcution in Particular,I Am Wondering How Doctors Feel,ethically,about Bad Outcomes & Who Should Pay for Revisions?

I have read many many reviews about liposcution and disfiguring results. I would like to know who should pay for revisions? If, for example, a doctors says: You are the perfect... READ MORE

Discussions started by Sundogcoyote

What do YOU do to fix the affects of a bad lipo outcome? Clothes? Mental health? Need tips.

Hi, I had lipo done a couple years ago. After initial 'good' results, I noticed that every area not lipo'd got fat. I was a small breasted woman and now they are huge. I... READ MORE

Liposuction and Revision; Do you know how the docs feel about revision?

I asked a question of the docs. I thought this answer from Steve Laverson M.D. of San Diego was the most interesting and you should read it very carefully if you are... READ MORE

Recent comments from Sundogcoyote

Jill, RS has grown a lot since I got my procedure. But what I did was do a search for the procedure and every search brought me to RS and I clicked on the links. I saw that some people said: not worth it, but more people said: worth it.... READ COMMENT

I'm sorry you disagree with me completely Jill. But my point wasn't about people's decisions not to get a procedure and having support here, it is about people offering "support" in a different way, such as offering facts, that is where... READ COMMENT

This seems totally dangerous and I am wondering why lay-people are commenting and giving advice on something and not physicians. There is a reason corsets are not used in society except as a fetish. (These comments and this thread... READ COMMENT

I'd be interested to know who that surgeon is; it would be good to have docs come out and speak the truth about lipo and all the gimmicky procedures they come out with. READ COMMENT

It's aggressive now; that's what people don't realize; it's just an aggressive procedure if you think about it. READ COMMENT