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I just came back from buying new garments... I spent almost $200 on two new bras and a new compression garment! I can't quite believe it, but I don't want to be cheap with myself now... the healing process has just begun! I was... READ COMMENT

That's fabulous that you're feeling 100% only 13 days out! I still have one sore spot on my left side. It is hard as a ROCK and sore all the time... not really bad, but just a constant ache. My post-op doc said my bra is too big and I... READ COMMENT

I went in today for the 1 week check-in... Good news is the drains are out! I was so glad to get rid of those things... I was constantly worried something would snag on them! I gave myself a double-dose of Vicodin (as per Kimmers... READ COMMENT

There's a thread on the Forum for March Breast Reductions... join us over there and let us know how you're doing! READ COMMENT

Oh, Madison! Back to work after 6 days! You're brave... I planned on recovering in the hotel for 3 nights, my mom's house for two nights, and THEN going back home to my 6 year old... and not going back to work till April 1st. I... READ COMMENT