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50mg Spironolactone 2x Daily Works for Me After Trying Everything Else, Including Accutane.

I have tried nearly every type of oral antibiotic and topical treatment over the past 18 years to treat my adult cystic acne (I'm 34 years old). I've tried different BCPs and even Accutane (Absorica), which I couldn't tolerate for more than a month due to side effects. I have been on Spironolactone for 6 months and it has worked fantastically. I did have to increase the dosage from 25 mg twice... READ MORE

Absorica (Accutane) Treatment 30mg - 60mg - VOCAL LOSS As a (Temporary) Side Effect! New York, NY

Female, early 30's. I have had recalcitrant, cystic acne since I was about 17 years old. For me, it was primarily in the perioral region of my face, and on my back. I never got much on my cheeks or forehead ever, but the area around my chin was very stubborn and would always have a few prominent cysts if I was not treating it with prescription oral antibiotics. Prescription topicals would... READ MORE

Love Radiesse As Volumizer - Syracuse, NY

Late 20s female. I recently lost about 25 lbs and got myself in shape. Although I did so over a 6 mos time span, I had noticeable fat loss in my tear trough/mid face area/naso-labial area. I am only 28 but the sunken appearance where fat had been was distressing enough that I sought out a PS and inquired about how to volumize that area. I had looked into Juvederm which I liked because it... READ MORE

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Best Way to Remove Fat from Around and Under Mouth?

I am in my late 20's now, but since my early teens, I lamented the fact that I had these sort of "fatty pockets" on either side of my mouth and under my lips. I... READ MORE

Laser Ablation on the Gum Line - Temporary?

I had my gum line reduced by laser ablation a couple years ago for cosmetic enhancement. The results appear to have only been temporary; my gum line looks the same now as... READ MORE

Will a Filler Like Radiesse Work to Fill Smile Lines on Cheeks? (photo)

I am in my late 20's and have had Radiesse for treatment of fat loss in my face before (tear troughs/naso labial area), namely as a result of weight loss. I have... READ MORE

Best Treatment(s) for Fine Lines (Crows Feet, Smile)/Undereye Crepiness AND Pigmentation/Sun Spots?

I am 29, very fair/porcelain skin with some light tan/faded freckling (Irish descent, I stay out of the sun & daily SPF 25). I have some fine lines in the way of crows feet... READ MORE

Are the Results from Red Light LED Facial Therapy Permanent?

Of course, provided a good preventative maintenance program is followed post treatments, i.e. staying out of the sun and using 30+SPF when exposed to the sun. Are the results... READ MORE

Looking to Correct Gummy Smile. What Procedure Would You Recommend? (photo)

What is the cost and recovery time? Prefer minimally invasive but permanent. Do not want to get into breaking bones. Thanks. READ MORE

Long Lower Half of Face (VME) & Gummy Smile - What procedures will correct & achieve balanced face-Osteotomy? (photo)

I am a 31 y/o female. All of the aesthetic concerns I have seem to be related to Vertical Maxillary Excess: Long Face/Philtrum, Gummy Smile & Weak Chin. Additionally, I... READ MORE

How long after Radiesse in tear troughs should you wait before upper jaw surgery?

I am considering upper jaw surgery (and lower) and am getting radiesse to fill in sunkeness in my tear trough area after losing weight. I was wondering how long I will need to... READ MORE

Best way to smooth out bumpy raised acne scarring? (Photo)

I have had these papular raised bumps on my chin as a result of many years battling cystic acne. Even my skin is clear, I still have these bumpy, raised scars on my chin. What... READ MORE

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Seeking a Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon for Gummy Smile/long Face Syndrome Treatment Options in the Northeast USA

I have posed a couple of questions on here regarding some cosmetic concerns related to long face syndrome and would like to discuss further options. Looking to find someone... READ MORE

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You look amazing! Was this a bullhorn lift? Could you provide details on the lip lift and/or if lip fillers were used in conjunction with the lift? The shape and position of your lips looks perfect and so youthful! Such great and... READ COMMENT

I agree with everyone else. It definitely looks swollen still but once that goes down, I think you'll see the improvement everyone else sees. I had fractional laser resurfacing just on my chin and I had really bad swelling throughout... READ COMMENT

The shape and fullness of your lips look great! Please post updated pics. Would love to see the result after the swelling has gone down. READ COMMENT

Wow that's a pretty short recovery time... awesome. Do you mind sharing how much the transfer cost? BEAUTIFUL RESULTS! READ COMMENT

Your chin looks amazing! I have some lip incompetence and dimpling and I would love results like yours (WITHOUT having to do a lefort I + sliding genio or implant, etc.). What did he do to your chin area exactly? I couldn't tell from... READ COMMENT