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I think I changed the string every two days. As the keloid blackened, the area around the string would get pretty scabby so it got more difficult over time to take the string off. I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide. READ COMMENT

Since my keloid was too small to wrap an elastic around, I used dental floss. With the dental floss, it took me about two weeks before the keloid was gone. I didn't cut the keloid off, so once it was off, it was just reddish smooth... READ COMMENT

Hi ali_86, I have two small keloids on my ear. One continued to grow bigger and one remained small. I noticed that the one that kept growing would constantly irritate me (it had an uncomfortable itching, stretching or pulsing feeling)... READ COMMENT

It bled a bit after the 3rd day or so but it wasn't too bad. I used dental floss and wrapped it around the keloid twice. I think it took me almost 2 weeks for it to come off. I let it fall off on it's own, although towards the end, I... READ COMMENT

It's been interesting reading everyone's stories. I did the string method about 6 months ago, and my keloid hasn't grown back. Mine was at the front of my right ear, however there is still a small, round reddish scar. It's a lot... READ COMMENT