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Scheduled, but Nervous and Not Sure - Georgia

I weigh 120-125 lbs and 5'4".  I am having an umbilical hernia repair with a tummy tuck and breast augmentation (silicone) on April 15th. Actually, I never thought about changing my body until I consulted a friend who I knew had umbilical hernia repair and she told me that a tummy tuck could go right along with it.   Then I made a consult appointment and looking through... READ MORE

Questions from Cupcakediva

Drawbacks to Saline Implants

I know most people opt for silicone implants these days and I know that they are deemed safe now, but I am still leaning towards saline implants because it will ease my mind.... READ MORE

Can I Ride Roller Coasters After a Mommy Makeover?

This may sound crazy, but I love big, fast roller coasters and I am concerned about not being able to ride after a BA with implants and a TT with MR and hernia repair. Will I... READ MORE

Would I Benefit from a FTT and BA?

Although I have surgery scheduled for a umbilical hernia repair, MR, FTT and a BA (not sure which implants yet...saline or silicone, although I scheduled for silicone), I would... READ MORE

Can I Still Have Mommy Makeover with a Cold?

I am scheduled for a mommy makeover (TT and BA) on April 15th, but I am catching a body hurts, throat is sore and I feel it in my chest. Currently I am just taking... READ MORE

Over 40 and on Birth Control Pills; a Risk for Blood Clots?

I am 43 and take birth control pills. My plastic surgeon has not mentioned this as a risk factor for blood clots, but I have reading that it is. Should I be concerned? I am in... READ MORE

Micropore Tape As Scar Treatment for Tummy Tuck?

I am 5 weeks post op and at my surgeon appointment today she said that I am doing fine with the micropore tape and recommends that I stay with that (instead of silicone sheets,... READ MORE

Has my Tummy Tuck Muscle Repair Come Undone?

I am 4 months post op and still have significant swelling, especially in my upper abs. But I am wondering if it is indeed swelling or has my muscle repair come undone. If I... READ MORE

Causes Of Bruising from Perlane Months Later?

I had Perlane injected in the corners of my mouth/cheek area and Dysport in my forehead 6 months ago. I had minimal bruising and swelling then. 3-4 months later I had... READ MORE

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Has anyone used Dr. Wang-Asraf in Atlanta?

Going in for a Mommy Makeover (umbilical hernia repair, muscle tightening, tummy tuck and breast implants) and wondering if anyone had experience with Dr. Wang-Asraf in Atlanta. READ MORE

Eating the right foods before & after a Mommy Makeover

I am having a tummy tuck and breast augmentation in 2 weeks. What foods should I begin eating now to prepare my body for surgery and what foods should I avoid after the surgery... READ MORE

How long in post-op clothes?

I know to wear a zip-up hoodie and loose pants home from the surgery (TT and Breast Augmentation), but how long do you wear clothes like that? It will be warm here by my... READ MORE

Pre-op Question: ginger & garlic

My pre-op list of supplements NOT to take include ginger and garlic, but does that mean don't EAT these things as well? I'm going on vacation, so it will be hard to... READ MORE

Compression Garments

I am currently 17 days post op and have switched over to wearing Spanx panty-type. It feels better than the white velcro binder I left the hospital with, but still very tight.... READ MORE

Sports Bra suggestions?

I just spent over an hour in a large sporting goods store and tried on tons of sports bras and left with nothing. The problem is I still have the same small back (a... READ MORE

Scar Treatment--micropore tape?

My PS said that I am fine just using the micropore tape on my incision. I've had it on since sx and had it changed every appointment. This appointment today at 5 weeks post... READ MORE

Exercise Suggestions?

Almost 5 weeks post op and I've only been cleared for cardio and light arm weights--biceps and triceps only, no dips or presses. Any suggestions? I am a yoga, pilates,... READ MORE

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Honestly, I don't remember. I also had a breast argumentation also, so it was all together in the cost. It is possible that your insurance company will reimburse you for the hernia repair, but mine didn't. READ COMMENT

No, she didn't say. She's making it not a big deal. I have a distortion, yes, I thought it was my imagination, but when I went in she said, yes, it has hardened up and the implant has moved up. It's not as hard now after a month of... READ COMMENT

I am with scrappy37...I know this is old, but hope you can answer. I have cc now - ugh - 15 months post surgery. Prior that this my breasts were fine now one side is higher and harder than the other. My PS wants to take a "wait and... READ COMMENT

Good to here that! I will be reading your updates for encouragement. I had a revision on my vertical scar...she moved it down an inch. It can still be seen over my underwear, but not as much. And I'm hoping that fades with time. ... READ COMMENT

I have on Spanx today. Ugh on the swelling! I REALLY hope that I can wear a bikini by the beginning of June! My PS wouldn't consider a revision until 1 year post op, so here I am again, swelling just when I want to wear skimpy... READ COMMENT