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Tingling Sensation After Excess Filler Dissolved

I Had Some Excess Filler Dissolved a Month Ago and the Area Seems to Be Quite Flat and I'm Experiencing a Tingling Sensation in the same area. Will my natural tissue renew... READ MORE

Three Botox Injections in Crows Feet Area, Bunny Lines and Under the Eyes

I Now Have a Very Prominent tear trough on the left side where the ridge protrudes. I can only put it down to the botox. Can botox cause this and if so will it rectify... READ MORE

Botched Boob Job in October: Double Bubbles, Pain and Severe Dropping

I became incredibly depressed as a result and was prescribed medication, my relationship with my partner suffered along with my work and studies. I had my revision surgery... READ MORE

Can Botox or Dysport Cause Permanent Damage?

Ive read from other women that they have suffered permanent damage as a result of botox or dysport. Is this true? Im very concerned as after dysport I now have a lazy left eye... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Madonna Lift?

I had 'the madonna lift' 2 weeks ago and was just wondering when I would start to see noticeable results as at the moment I see no improvement? How long does it take... READ MORE

I Had my First TCA Peel 18 Days Ago, and Skin Looks Worse?

I have followed the after care advise of my dermatologist but my skin looks considerably worse. I have new fine lines, my pores are bigger and texture is not smooth, alot of... READ MORE

4 Weeks After Upper Blepharoplasty and Eyes Still Very Hollow and Sunken?

It has been 4 weeks since my proceedure and I am growing even more worried and concerned to the point I feel sick when I look in the mirror. My eyes are still very hollow and... READ MORE