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Arm Lift on Older Lady, Lateral Brow, Fat, Nose - Dominican Republic, DO

Well today I made the decision as to which surgeon to choose. It feels great to have the hardest portion behind me. I cannot list the price for the arm lift because I will be having other procedures. The consultation and quotation process went smoothly and I received a sufficient information. Now comes the second most difficult part which is the waiting, preparing, and fretting. ... READ MORE

Review at Quotation Stage - Mexico

I have narrowed my choice down to Dr. Q and a couple of other surgeons. I thought it would be helpful if I reviewed the initial consultation process for each although I will not make my final decision until I hear from one more surgeon. (I already sent my photos to the final surgeon.) I am interested in facial fat transfer, arm lift, and forehead rejuvenation as well as a possible upper... READ MORE

Review at Quotation Stage - Dominican Republic

I am considering Dr. Mejia and a couple of other surgeons but I felt I should write reviews of the initial steps whether I chose each surgeon or not. I heard promptly from the Dr. Mejia and after I sent photos, I received an excellent, extremely informative cost estimate along with his recommendations . The email even included recovery house options causing me to certainly appreciate... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck w/ Liposuction, Facial Fat Transfer, Lift (on Older Surgery Veteran ) - Mexico, MX

All the preparation is certainly easier than waiting for results. Today is the two week mark and I am extremely tired which could be a product of the travel whether than the result of the procedures. I had additional procedures which will require separate reviews due to the design of RealSelf. I am having a wound care issue that I expect to resolve nicely but it is an unwelcome surprise;... READ MORE

Amerimed Hospital in Cancun Mexico

I will be writing of my upcoming trip to Cancun which will involve both facial and body work. I used a rather complex Excel spreadsheet and scoring system to compile information to aid in the decision making process and I have undergone many previous procedures both elective and medically necessary, including outside the US. First, I will mention a few items related to the travel specifically... READ MORE

Cancun, Mexico Face

I am so happy with my results. I had a lower face and neck lift, lower lids, and brow lift 13 years earlier in the US and the work of this doctor was better. I plan to return. I was scheduled for hip-replacement surgery upon my return to the US, so I had narcotic pain medications with me and the second day, they helped my face. Many doctors do not prescribe narcotics after cosmetic... READ MORE

Questions from Ghost4321

Would getting Botox in facial areas where I want to get fat grafting increase the amount of fat that survives?

I would not mind several months of even too much Botox to improve the term results of fat transfer. Does limiting facial mobility help the survival? READ MORE

I had lip to saddlebags, inner thighs & knees 20 years ago. Can I have a vertical or horizontal lift? (Photo)

Is one preferable to the other after previous liposuction? I gained and lost 25 lbs in the 20 years and also now have an area of "fat necrosis" on my lateral thigh at the... READ MORE

Can the inframammary crease of a natural breast be raised along with the areola and tissue mound lift? (photos)

Is armpit tissue removed?Not only has the breast mound descended in my 60 years but the inframammary fold has always set low on my chest. I would like to raise the fold and I... READ MORE

Recent comments from Ghost4321

Frequently a monsplasty is needed to reduce the fat pad there. When it is not done the pad of thick fat appears to protrude further after the t.t. and it is sometimes lifted a bit which makes creates the illusion that it is larger as... READ COMMENT

Your results are sensational. I am happy for you. Did you have fat transfer to your temples or forehead and if so, did you have good survival? Enjoy your beautiful face! READ COMMENT

Be sure to update everyone on the success of your fat transfer procedure. Many ladies are looking for someone who provides relatively reliable results. Good luck!! READ COMMENT

Did you send your deposit via wire transfer to a bank with both Maryland and NY address? Thanks. READ COMMENT

It is typical in cosmetic surgery that the first procedure bears most of the cost and each additional procedure is deeply discounted. That first minute in the operating is very expensive as they say. Once all the "start-up" costs are... READ COMMENT