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I have peeled but now I am extremely red all over my face and have the dots still all over. Does that mean a second layer is going to peel. I have already paniced and calle dthe doc twice. I look very burned. Is this normal. READ COMMENT

Also,is it ok to scrub your face at all while you are peeling. I heard that could lead to scarring. READ COMMENT

Hi all, Just had mine done on Mon the 29th. Its now 3 days since, I had no idea how bad this whole thing would be. I am extremely red and sore. my eyes are swollen badly and I also have the little blisters all over. Do those go... READ COMMENT

Lracalriley, did you have the smartxide done in san antonio? were you pleased with your doc? did you have acne scars you were trying to get rid of or just large pores? READ COMMENT

Thanks soonergirl. Who did your smartxide? READ COMMENT