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Looked Great, Did Not Last Long - New Haven, CT

I love the way it looks; so smooth and baby soft. I am 53 and even medical professionals remark at how young I looked.... last month that is. After exactly 4 weeks, it started diminishing. I could try switching to Dysport or increasing the units (20), but I usually do get a nasty headache for about a week later, so I'm not sure about increasing the units. Totally gone. I'm not sure if I... READ MORE

Ulthera for Neck, Lower Face - New Haven, CT

I had ultherapy for neck about 6 weeks ago, along with sculptra on my cheeks. The neck looked great immediately, and when the swelling went down, it looked better, but not great. I am OK with that. I had the lower face done yesterday. Because I had Sculptra done in both cheeks, I asked if it would "ruin" the great results. I was reassured that it would be OK, even though it seems... READ MORE

Long Lasting - New Haven, CT

I do not receive injections with local anesthetic, so first off, let me say that due to the larger size of the needle required, it was much more painful than restylane (no pain in my opinion). I had the first two injections done for free as part of a training session for my plastic surgeon who has been treating me for a year with other product, including restylane, radiesse and one... READ MORE

No Anesthetic Cream, Skilled DR

I am one of those really cautious people... worried about every little thing. I almost cancelled my appointment today, but went through with it after being reassured. My DR (DERM) pointed out that she'd never had a disappointed customer - and also agreed to use ice rather than the anesthetic cream because I was worried about allergy. So after doing a patch test for the anesthetic for next... READ MORE

Questions from jennyct

Injecting Radiesse Under the Muscle for Tear Troughs

I had Restylane injected in the tear troughs, under the muscle, but it did not last long (3 months). I am guessing it was because it was under the muscle rather than in the... READ MORE

Are Granulomas a Common Side Effect of Sculptra?

I was amazed at the prospect of permanent disfiguration from granulomas due to Sculptra. I assume that technique (dilution, placement, etc) play an important role in their... READ MORE

Should I Do Ulthera the Day Before a College Exam?

I am concerned that any residual pain or soreness might be distracting. READ MORE

Ultherapy After Sculptra

I read that it probably isn't good to do ultherapy after Sculptra or over Sculptra. My plastic surgeon thinks otherwise. What is the consensus? READ MORE

Can Botox Injections Leave Residue on Skin? Is This Risky?

Can Botox injections leave residue on skin, and can this be ingested accidentally (ie hands or showering)? How many units of Botox ingested are toxic? READ MORE

Should I Still Be Able to Squint and Form the "11"s on Day 8 After Botox?

It's been eight days, and although I see a 20% improvement, I can still squint, forming those 11s between my brows. She did two shots in that area, then one each over the... READ MORE

How Does Sculptra Build Collagen if It's Injected into Muscle (Temple)?

I did not think you can stimulate collagen of the skin by injecting into the muscle. I would think it would just dissipate without leaving any semi-permanent improvement. Does... READ MORE

Recovery Time for Immediate Temporization Type Dental Implant

How much recovery time for extraction, implant, bone graft (cadaver) and a few stitches? No flap made. I am on day 3 and still have headache and dizziness above implant (#6)... READ MORE

Average Amount of Lidocaine Per Sculptra Vial?

In the past I received sculptra without any anesthetic (no, I'm not kidding). I moved and the new dermatologist refuses to administer the injections unless she adds 4cc of 2%... READ MORE

Vein Above Eye Inflamed Immediately After Sculptra?

The vein above my eye is literally "popping" out after sculptra injections. I have read that it can cause occlusions, embolism, etc. in rare instances. Do I have to worry about... READ MORE

When Should I Start to Worry? One Week Post Injection Sculptra? (photo)

Due to relocation, I decided to try a local well-known dermatologist for the first time (my 5th treatment). The vein above the eye bulged immediately, and within a day I could... READ MORE

Botox and Xeomin are lasting only 4-6 weeks. Is there any specific reason this is happening?

The first time I had Botox, it lasted about 3 months. The second time, it lasted about 6 weeks. I then gave up until a special for Xeomin was offered. It kicked in at 7 days... READ MORE

I have bump and rash post Xeomin the next day (delayed). Any suggestions? (photos)

I tried 20 units of Xeomin for my glabellar lines, I woke up the following day with a bump (hard to see) and some redness. It did not happen immediately or even for that day. I... READ MORE

Sculptra - question of hematoma vs allergic reaction

I Sculptra injected with a fanning technique. Immediately upon the second of four injections, I felt a pressure, swelling and numbness that was hard to ignore (this was my 4th... READ MORE

Residual pain 2 weeks after Sculptra. Any suggestions?

I have had Sculptra at least 5 times in the past with few problems. This time I have a new issue - mainly pain in the temple area that hurts when giving a wide smile or a with... READ MORE

Consistent experience of Botox side effects based on injector, dose, and/or treatment variables?

Apparently, some people get headaches and minor side effects with Botox (as I do). Do you find that the side effects are pretty consistent or do they vary from treatment to... READ MORE

Recent comments from jennyct

What kind of explanation did they give you for still having symptoms. Usually it leaves your system within 6 months. READ COMMENT

One APRN explained her theory: when the neurons are blocked with botox, our muscles try to work against it. Therefore, the overactivity of the unaffected areas cause the headache and spasms. READ COMMENT

How are you feeling? I get a bad headache as well, with sluggish feeling and stiff neck with palpitations upon effort. It took about 4 days to go away. I do VERY little (10 units). READ COMMENT

How did you know? How was this explained to you? READ COMMENT

What is the mechanism that created permanent damage? How did the doctor explain that? It would be very helpful to those who need advice. READ COMMENT