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Will Weight Loss Post-op Tummy Tuck Mean a Further Surgery is Needed?

I am currently scheduled for an abdominoplasty, breast reconstruction w/ augmentation, and lateral thigh liposuction in a couple weeks. I am 28 yo, 5'8, G0P0, & weigh... READ MORE

How Much Walking 1-7 Days After TT, Breast Aug, Lipo?

I am 2 days post-op and have been trying to walk as much as I can. My mom motors me in circles around the upstairs after I've used the restroom (2-4X/day). I've noticed... READ MORE

Breast Reduction with Implant: Nipples Healing at Different Rates

I had a breast reduction w/ implant on 3/18 - my left nipple/areola complex has healed beautiful. It is pink, feeling has returned, and the incisions closed nicely. The right... READ MORE

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Successful weight loss after TT

Hello! I'm scheduled for a breast augmentation, TT, and outer thigh lipo in 3 weeks. I've been continuously losing weight, but will not make my goal wt in time... READ MORE

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I had a full TT and lipo of the lateral thighs. My swollen hips look the exact same way...literally pouring out beneath my TT binder, like two humps as you described. I most definitely did not have these large hip humps when I went... READ COMMENT

When I went for my post-op, the PS stripped my drains. I noticed that he used an alcohol pad while stripping....I went home and tried this. It was SO much easier. The pad makes the glide on the tube much smoother, my fingers were too... READ COMMENT

Can anyone comment on the stinging after the pain pump wore out? There is only one spot on my incision line that hurts...but boy it stings!!! Also, I am 3 days post-op, but walking around is pure exhaustion. I can feel my heart... READ COMMENT

The night before her surgery she said she probably wouldn't be able to post until Wednesday because she wouldn't have internet access! Hope she is doing well and we hear from her on Wednesday :) READ COMMENT

I haven't taken mine off either. Mine was on the 18th and my PS said that I could open up the binder to put some Neosporin on my belly button if I wanted, or I could just wait for my post-op, which is also tomorrow. I have yet to see... READ COMMENT