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Fat Transfer to Breasts. Who is the Best Surgeon for This?

I live in NYC and I have been considering fat transfer to my breasts. I've always wanted lipo and larger breasts but didn't want implants, so this procedure seems perfect for... READ MORE

My Nose is Too Small One Month After Rhinoplasty, Is 6 Months Too Soon For Revision?

I had rhinoplasty about a month ago with a very reputable surgeon in NYC. I ended up with a nose that is too short for my face. I recently went in to see him and he sympathized... READ MORE

Trouble Breathing and Nasal Voice After Rhinoplasty, Is This Normal?

I had rhinoplasty about 5 weeks ago and I'm realizing that my voice is very nasal now. I also feel that I have to strain my voice to speak loudly...otherwise people... READ MORE

Chronic Congestion 3 Months Post-Rhino- Is This Normal?

I had rhinoplasty about 3 months ago and I'm still very congested. I am wheezing when I breathe and when I speak I get out of breath quickly. I also sound very nasal when I... READ MORE

I Am Lopsided After Liposuction, Will Massage Help?

I know it's early after my liposuction (after one week), but I think too much was taken from one side. It appears that there is a dent on one side, while the other side is... READ MORE

Still Lopsided After Liposuction, It's Been 2 Months, Can this be Fixed?

I need to find a revision liposuction specialist to fix my botched lipo. My surgeon scooped in one side of my waistline and left the other side straight. In fact there is fat... READ MORE

It's Been 6 Months Since Lipo, I Am Still Feeling Tight and Itchy on One Side, Normal?

I have been to several doctors for my lopsided lipo issue and they have confirmed that my original doctor took too much fat out of one side and left too much on the other side... READ MORE

Uneven Lipo on Stomach? (photo)

I recently had revision stomach liposuction and the doctor took too much fat from the area around my belly button and left too much fat on my upper stomach. It actually looks... READ MORE

Skin Still Burning 5 Months After Liposuction?

I had liposuction 5 months ago and my skin is still burning in one area (inner thigh on one leg). I had multiple sites lipo'd, but the rest of my body is fine. I've called the... READ MORE

Very Narrow Upper Bridge After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I underwent revision rhino surgery a few weeks ago and I'm worried that my nasal bones were narrowed too much. My breathing is extremely constricted in the upper bridge area.... READ MORE

Can nasal bones be broken a third time for a 2nd revision?

I had my nasal bones broken twice. During a consult with rhinoplasty specialist, I was told that breaking them a 3rd time might cause my bones to shatter. I think my nasal... READ MORE

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Please keep us posted! READ COMMENT

I'm very curious to know how you do as time passes. I've recently had trouble with a tooth and may need an implant. READ COMMENT

Hi jbarb. Who.was the other doctor? READ COMMENT

I'd like to update my experience by saying the 'stem cell' procedure gave me no results. My breasts are now the same size they were before this procedure. The Brava method in my opinion is the only way to go. READ COMMENT

I'd like to update my experience by saying that my 'stem cell' procedure resulted in no increase in size at all. My breasts are now the exact same size they were before this procedure last year. The Brava method (in my experience) is... READ COMMENT