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Can Skin Be Replaced or Stretched in Upper Eyelid?

Had upper bleph 20 years ago & STILL hate it. Young eyes protrude slightly from the socket, iris border contrasts with whites, light from above in reflects soft highlights.... READ MORE

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It helps to have friends who tell you you look fine even though you don't think you do. Even if they're lieing, it does make you feel better. READ COMMENT

Like I said (above) I know your anger. It is unbelieveable these butchers continue to be allowed to do what they do. READ COMMENT

I'm so sad to see the same thing happening to women in 2012 that happened to me in 1985. These doctors should be stripped of their surgical privileges. Actually they should be publicly flogged. And here I am, 27 years after being... READ COMMENT

I feel for you. Something similar happened to me 22 years ago and for years I fantasized about murdering my doctor. Ha ha, I never did it but it should made me feel better to fantasize about it. These doctors are criminals who should be... READ COMMENT

Same happened to me 25 years ago and I still despise the ahole dr. who did it to me. My eyes were nice and almond-shaped but had loose skin on top. I Remembered my grandmother's upper lid skin hanging down over her eyes and I didn't... READ COMMENT