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5'0 and 120lbs - 325cc Off Center Oval Implants with Dr. Stanton - Beverly Hills, CA

Because of privacy issues, at first I wasn't going to post a review on Real Self. But I reached out and talked to many cool people (through this website) who have had this done. Their reviews and others have helped me tremendously, so I thought it would be nice to share my experience. I have had breast augmentation and lipo. I never thought about having any butt work done until my best... READ MORE

Very Happy with Benelli Lift and Breast Augmentation - Atherton, CA

I just had my breast lift and breast augmentation done with silicone implants on July 25. Initially, I thought I just wanted a lift but I didn't want to end up with lifted "mushy" boobs so I opted to add small implants to have some firmness back. Before my surgery I was a saggy, deflated full 34B and I only wanted to be a little bit bigger to a 34C. I already had a lot of... READ MORE

Very Pleased with Slim Lipo - Palo Alto, CA

After two IVF treatments (In Vitro Fertilization) and one successful pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight, especially in my stomach area. After the birth of my baby, I was back to running 3-4 days a week and started losing the weight. However, 10 months later (though I was pretty fit and down to near my ideal weight), I still couldn't lose the stubborn belly fat. So, I made the decision to... READ MORE

Questions from MissL

Want 180cc. Why Do Many Plastic Surgeons Push for More?

I'm a 5'0, 119 lbs, athletic build with big B/small C breasts. I'm very happy with my size, but starting to sag. Not doing a breast lift because of the scar, so... READ MORE

How Do You Know when There is a Rupture with Silicone Implants?

At my consultation, I felt both saline and silicone and as soon as I touched the silicone, I was sold on getting HP silicone implants. From watching videos (saline vs.... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lose Too Much Body Fat Through Liposuction?

I've always been in good shape but after having a baby, I weighed 142lbs and 34% body fat. I'm only 5'0 and shocked with the weight gain! Through diet &... READ MORE

Can I Go with Smaller Implants Now That I'm Getting a Lift?

A while back I posted a question about using small implants (180 to 200cc) to lift my sagging breasts and most of the doctor responses were "implants alone would not lift... READ MORE

Discussions started by MissL

Has anyone had a only a breast augmentation to "lift" sagging breasts?

I'm a 5'0, 119 lbs, athletic build with big B/small C breasts. I'm very happy with my size, but started to sag - I just turned 40! I'm not doing a breast lift... READ MORE

Recent comments from MissL

Thanks so much for commenting on my review! I'm so glad that you went to Stanton for your revision surgery. The ovals LOOK so much better than the round implants! : ) I can already see A HUGE difference and your butt has filled out... READ COMMENT

I agree with bootygirl13 and sleepingbooty13. I can also see a difference between your before and after, but if it's not the end result you were expecting then I can understand how frustrated you are. I have a feeling Dr. Grawe will... READ COMMENT

And actually my husband who likes butts, wanted me to go bigger but I said no. He even said you have a nice size. READ COMMENT

Girl - Put it this way. I had a mommy make-over after the birth of my daughter. First, lipo, then the boobs and last the butt. I went small on my butt implants, so no one really noticed. But in my boobs (after the implants) I went... READ COMMENT

I agree with the other reviewers where Stanton's office should at least take a second look and offer to do a revision. I'm sorry that this is happening to you! Especially, when you've tried to be so patient. : ( READ COMMENT