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No Change in my Teeth

I've never been able to follow through on a full treatment with white strips or at-home trays, either from the dentist or drug store, due to pain and sensitivity or chemical burns to my gums. So I was really scared of trying Zoom. The good news is that it didn't hurt! I was expecting to be in a great deal of pain bad not at all - barely any sensitivity. But I have been using toothpaste for... READ MORE

Doctor Review

Quick appointments, but way over-priced and questionable advice

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Mole Removal

26 Feb 2017, Created 7 months ago

Roni Munk, MD

2 out of 5 stars

I've see Dr. Munk as a private (non-RAMQ) patient to remove raised moles. His prices are extremely high - 150$ per mole, and he just uses the same technique as everyone else! I've had nearly 20 raised moles removed in the past 15 years so I would know... my former dermatologist charged $20 to remove up to 3 moles, and another dermatologist charged 80$ for up to 2 moles (at Westmount Square). I... READ MORE

TCA and Jessner Peels Improved my Ance-scarred Skin

I've been doing TCA peels since 2010, and I have seen significant improvements in my skin. I apply the peels myself at home. I started with a series of 6 monthly 15% TCA and Jessner peels. It significantly helped diminish my deep acne scars, some red marks, cleared out my pores, reduced my skins oiliness, and really transformed the texture of my skin. I've done other series of peels since,... READ MORE

Chin Implant, 30th Birthday Present to Me

After over a decade of trying to get over my fear, saving enough money, and finding the 'right time', I have finally booked a chin implant procedure for January 19th 2017. I have a very recessive chin, difficulty closing my mouth, and dimpling. I also have a fairly large nose, which only looks larger because of my recessed chin. I've been to a total of 5 consultations over the years, and... READ MORE

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What Can I Do About a Small Bumpy Chin?

My chin is very small and receeding. The area around my chin is despressed, with a donut like mass in the middle, dimple in the middle and all. I suffer from cystic acne, which... READ MORE

No Results From 15% TCA Peel

I had a 15% TCA peel. No sting/frost after 2 mins. Only slight tightening. Next day I had a second layer, swiping over cheeks several times. Barely any burning/frosting after 2... READ MORE

Can Chemical Peels and Needling Be Used with Dermal Fillers?

I had juvederm put into my tear troughs and chin. Can I still get chemical peels (15% TCA to be precise) if so how long should I wait? And can I use a... READ MORE

Will IPL Photorejuvenation and Chemical Peels Help Acne, Red Marks, Large Pores and Shallow Scars?

I've had 8 chemical peels (Jessner and TCA 15%), which initially greatly improved my pores and shallow scars, but hasn't improved my acne or redness at all. I have a lot of... READ MORE

Can I Have IPL Without Losing my Freckles?

I've had freckles my whole life, usually they appear darkest in summer. I'd like to have IPL for redness and acne, but I WANT TO KEEP MY FRECKLES!! Is it possible to have IPL... READ MORE

3 consultations for a chin implant. Each surgeon recommends a different shape/size implant - How do I chose? (photos)

The 1st suggested an implant with extra height to avoid a strong labiomental fold. The second suggested strong frontal projection but no lateral wings as this would be too... READ MORE

Are oral antibiotics absolutely necessary following a submental silicone chin implant procedure under local anesthetics?

Obviously the risk of infection would be higher without oral antibiotics, but how much higher? Can it be done? Is it possible to have an injection instead? I always get... READ MORE

If I no longer see improvement with chemical peels, should I try laser therapy instead for acne scars?

I had cystic acne as a teenager and young adult. I started chemical peels in 2010 (age 23) and initially saw improvement with 18%TCA + Jessner peels and IPL, but it wasn't long... READ MORE

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You definitely need to do a series of 6 or more peels to see results! One peel alone won't cut it. READ COMMENT

Definitely my pores are less congested, but pore size is genetic, so it is impossible to shrink them. But the peels help keep them clean and uncontested, so they do not look as big. Overall my skin texture has improved a lot but I would... READ COMMENT

I don't know, you would have to ask a professional. READ COMMENT

TCA 15%. Jessner only comes in one strength. Hope you keep seeing improvement :) good luck! READ COMMENT

Muac, makeup artist's choice READ COMMENT