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Invisalign Depends on the Dentist's Experience - NY

I went to many dentists who estimated my treament time to be a year or so. They were experienced but very expensive. I made the mistake of going with the cheapest doc. He gave me the Invisalign Express without even asking me or explaining it to me. Only 10 sets will fix my teeth he said. Now, because my teeth are moving too quikly, I think one of my front tooth might be having nerve damage... READ MORE

Questions from nana2011

Sensitivity to Cold w/ Invisalign

I am almost done with my treatment. Recently, I started to have a very strong sensitivity to cold on the tooth that needed the most movement. Even the cold air hurts me. My... READ MORE

Will Teeth Feel Tender/sensitive Right After Finishing Invisalign?

How long after invisalign does it take for a person to be able to eat hard foods like an apple without cutting it in little pieces? My front teeth feel tender and sensitive.... READ MORE

Not Happy with Invisalign Results. Can I Do Traditional Braces Later?

There are gaps left from IPR. My doctor did not mention refinments and I did no push it because I lost total trust on him. I was left with a couple of black triangles and he... READ MORE

How Is the Amount Needed of Invisalign Trays Determined? Is it Determined by the Doctor or Invisalign?

Different doctors gave estimated treatment time for a year or so. The doctor that unfortunally did my treatment say 10 trays will be enough. After the 10 trays the IPR gaps did... READ MORE

Can Bonding Be Removed Without Taking Away Any Tooth Structure? How Should It Be Done?

This question relates to residual Invisalign IPR been bonded by the destist. I am looking for a second opinion. I want to remove the bonding and close the gaps with traditional... READ MORE

Why Some Dentists Are Afraid of Taking my Bonding Off?

I want to take off new bonding done on my teeth so that I could close my gaps with braces. My orthodontic sent me to my dentist to take the bonding off and my dentist said the... READ MORE

Can a Root Canal Be Performed While the Person is Wearing Braces?

After a bad experience having invisalign done by a dentist, I decided to have braces. Tooth 9 got really sensitive with invisalign. After 2 months, it has gotten better but... READ MORE