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I had a slightly different issue: my nipples were pointed almost sideways before the surgery. My PS said he could move them more centered/facing forward, the way the majority of women's do. I said "Wow, you can do that?" He replied,... READ COMMENT

The first time I applied for insurance coverage, I was denied for the same reason (no medical documentation for back/neck pain.) So I looked up my policy guidelines, (which is great for insomnia, by the way,) and found it said I had to... READ COMMENT

I used the gel sheets and my scars look great, but my regular doctor says I 'scar really well,' so it may be due to that more than the sheeting. My PS says the other thing that really helps is to massage along the scars in gentle,... READ COMMENT

Because of my size, I didn't have much sensation before the surgery. Now I'm more sensitive than ever on one side, and I'm numb on the other. lol - I think I'm the odd one out, here. My PS says it's possible I can regain some feeling on... READ COMMENT

I'm glad you're finding a new PS. As to your other questions: I had drains for 3 days, although a lot of doctors don't use them. I didn't have much fluid in the bulbs either. I got a mammogram beforehand, but I was 41 years old. The... READ COMMENT