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Just a Dab - Burbank, CA

I spread out one syringe throughout and I felt like the use of only a small amount in certain areas helped to evenly distribute the juvederm, and to avoid the problems of bumps etc. Juvederm does seem to migrate a bit, but you can massage it on your own for the first day or two and that works. It also hurt me for 2 days like if I had a bruise but I didn't bruise at all. I always suggest... READ MORE

Sealed Up my Pores - Burbank, CA

I got a groupon deal for 2 laser genesis treatments for $100! Boy did I get a great deal! The laser genesis was very warm so I told the nurse to turn the temperature down a bit, I read on real self that less joules etc will prevent the harsh effects that have happened to some people who have complained about this treatment. My face came out a bit darker that's the weirdest thing... READ MORE

Certainly Better Than Contacts - California

I got Lasik done over a year ago at the age of 25. I went back recently for a checkup, and one thing I learned is that the symptoms I am experiencing are from dry eyes. My eyes were already dry prior to the surgery which is why I could no longer wear contacts, so it is recommended with people with severe dry eyes to not consider this surgery. When using the computer for long periods I have... READ MORE

It Think It Was Great - Encino, CA

I am young, so maybe the results just come out better on people that don't have very deep lines, but the fine lines I had on my forhead are now gone. READ MORE

Go to the Right Person! - Studio City, CA

I felt compelled to right this review, because based on the reviews that many have posted, it will give the impression that permanent makeup is the worse thing anyone could do. On the contrary, going to the wrong person is the worse thing anyone could do, because it is permanent! I got eyeliner done because my eyes are small and the eyeliner always brings them out. Lips done because my... READ MORE

Questions from urbandesignr

Reducing the Skin Thickness on the Nose Non-invasively

Could an alternative to rhinoplasty such as injecting a small amount of steroid into the nasal tip to reduce the thickness of the nasal skin be possible. Or is there a way to... READ MORE

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The pain was excruciating with numbing cream ill agree to that, i haaaated it! but what i meant about the wrong machine, is that is a medical one with a very fine needle, and there are others with thicker needles, that produce stronger... READ COMMENT

I felt the eyes top and bottom lids were way more uncomfortable than lips, the lips were painful but the eyes were dreadful. READ COMMENT

I think the lady who did hers, did it with the wrong type of machine. READ COMMENT

What type of laser to reduce the fat on the tip? READ COMMENT

Will get pics on soon! READ COMMENT