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Wow! This Was Not What I Had in Mind. - Beverly Hills, CA

I came to Dr. Harvey Paley because I had a breathing obstruction. I wanted to be able breath easy. He was an ENT. He suggested I also do what they refer to as a rhinoplasty. This is reshaping the nose. He told me my nose looked as if someone had punched me. I never notice it before. I tried to ask him details about what he was planning to do. He simply said he was going to make my nose... READ MORE

Questions from Gone

Any Success After Greenstick Osteotomy to Manually Readjust Bones?

I had revisionary rhinoplasty 9 weeks ago. There was a greenstick osteotomy preformed. My nose drifted quite dramtically to one side as a result. My Doctor is having me push... READ MORE

Greenstick Fracture. Revision Rhino 1 Year Ago and the Bones On My Nose Drift To The Right Every Hour?

A year and a month ago I had a revisionary rhinoplasty to correct scooped dorsum. The first rhinoplasty the doctor did osteotomy on one side of my nose so it was collapsed to... READ MORE

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Pretty sure steroids only work the first couple of weeks after surgery for 'general' swelling. After that they are used for 'specific' spots where skin is thick. I could be wrong on this. Definitely one year is not enough time for... READ COMMENT

After some more experience of this I have found it can take as much as two years after open rhinoplasty for all the swelling to go down. Even a little more after revision surgery. If I were you I would look at it as a good sign the... READ COMMENT

Yes. I received several 'second' opinions. Concensus being after pushing my nose for one year it was a waste of time. I need to complete the osteotomy (code for break my nose again only this time completely) Then they will see where... READ COMMENT

Actually it take about one and a half years for swelling to completely go away. Judging from your photos it will get better and better for you. READ COMMENT

But your sooo beautiful. I don't think you should be nosey about your nose since the overall look you have is great. Just my opinion but READ COMMENT