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Edit to my post below, sorry I made a typo, it was meant to say it reduces it WITHOUT leaving sagging! READ COMMENT

To Faith2012 and others that have had this type of result, please try a much less expensive option such as Tripollar STOP or Tripollar POSE for firming up and fat reduction on your necks. I'm not connected in any way with Tripollar, I... READ COMMENT

I really feel for you, to have paid for something that made you far worse than you started. Can you get some legal advice over whether you can sue or anything? There must be some responsibility they have to take over this. READ COMMENT

Hi, so sorry to hear what happened to you. Can you not go back to the surgeon to complain and ask him to rectify it, or get some legal advice? If I'm looking at your pictures in the right order, you look like you had no problem... READ COMMENT