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Restylane and Perlane in Tear Trough and Lower Jaw Line

I previously had Juvederm injected into my marionette lines and had a horrible experience. The injector hit a vein and I had an occlusion. If you know what that is, it isn't pretty. Needless to say, I was nervous and was not going to let anyone but a plastic surgeon inject a filler into my face . Dr Hobgood takes his time, and is very gentle and I completely trusted him. The swelling has... READ MORE

My Invisalign

Everyone's experience is going to be different. Here is what I think.. If you wore braces as a kid, then I think that you will have better results and be a whole lot happier with the invisalign than those that didn't wear braces.. The reason is that your jaw has already been moved, your teeth are set in place and probably don't need that much movement. Also, I think closing gaps is easier... READ MORE

Recent comments from digi0611

I know what you mean.. after 2 sets of trays, 1 year of treatment , 10 buttons I am now in metal braces on top. My bottom I am done, got my retainer. Invisalign only works for minor movement. READ COMMENT

Good luck.. I have overcrowding and overjet too. I am on 2nd set of trays, only 3 more left and still have the exact same problems as when I started. Very difficult to uncrowd the teeth. I am not at all happy. The teeth are better,... READ COMMENT

HI All trays are included in the price; so it should be the same for you. My ortho told me that whatever it takes to get the teeth the way I want them. I don't have my new trays back yet... it's been 3 weeks. So, the time lost... READ COMMENT