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Hang in there seems like a lifetime away but you are going to be back to running around before you know it; time is just crawling for u right now!! I am an ICU nurse and my frequent expression to my patients is "slow and... READ COMMENT

Hoping the surgery went well and that u r recovering well!!! Can't wait to hear more from Chicago ladies; just set my target date for TT and lipo in March and going to start doctor shopping. Def gonna check out ur doc! FEEL BETTER :) READ COMMENT

You look awesome; I think being as athletic as you are and fit as you are, your lift w/out augmentation was the perfect choice as you look so improved but still natural!!! Congrats and keep healing well! READ COMMENT

Hang in there....sounds like every fear and tear that you've cried is normal!!! Let these great ladies that have "gone before you" put your mind at ease. I am grateful to all of you as I continue to get the hubby on board with the... READ COMMENT

You look soooo darn good!!! Thx again for being so generous with updates and REALLY keeps me focused on what is to come for me!! Happy Halloween:) READ COMMENT