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I had my implants done 7 years ago when I was 37 and although I happy afterwards and they looked good I think I was just too old to adjust to such a drastic change in body shape. My partner at the time was happy I was happy and he thought I looked great so for a long time I didn't admit to my disappointment. Then one day about 2 years ago I realised that if I didn't like them I could have... READ MORE

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Good luck next week! The worst thing was the adrenaline rush I had half way through and made my legs shake but other than that it was all very very easy and quick. Going to dentist is worse! I loved being awake and being aware of what... READ COMMENT

Thank you and yes you should definitely feel hopeful! I wouldn't describe it as sagging but more that they now hang a bit lower before. My skin has shrunk back completely and the breast tissue has completely settled into all the right... READ COMMENT

Yes I thought it was just because I was so happy at finally having had them removed but who knows maybe there is a link in some peoples bodies. It's great you've had a great result and are happier - I know how you feel. :)) READ COMMENT it was to mariWA. Have you decided to go ahead with the removal yet? It's been 7 months since I had mine out and they are still fluffing and looking better and better. READ COMMENT

I had mine 7 years and then had them removed under local anaesthetic and it was a very straightforward op and I was awake so I know that for sure (LOL). I think if there are leaks or capsular contraction it gets a bit complicted. Try... READ COMMENT