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Injecting Fat Graft Effects on Scar Tissue

What are the effects of injecting fat graft into a scar tissue? I have heard that fat is being used to treat wounds and scars. READ MORE

Who Has Experience Removing Fat Graft Nodules from Upper Lip?

I had a one time fat transfer in 1993, fat taken from inner knee. Can the fat regenerate if it is not completley removed? READ MORE

Hard Lump After Fat Graft Removal

I am 3 months post fat graft removal by excision. However, I now have some hard lump in the area where fat used to be. Should I get steroid or 5-FU on this lump to help the... READ MORE

Who Are the Top Cleft Lip Surgeons in CA or the US?

I have a very complex lip issue and need multiple growths removed from inside the mouth way up under my nose. I have been told that this area is unknown territory and is very... READ MORE

Can Fat Cells Regenerate?

Fat grafting dents from where the fat was taken seem to totally regenerate within 4 or 5 years, so doesn't that mean that fat cells do have regenerative capabilities? READ MORE

Are Stem Cells Found in Normal Facial Fat or Just Body Fat?

I know that it has been discovered that fat is a rich source of stem cells. Are there typically stem cells in normal facial fat or just body fat? READ MORE

Can Fat Grafts Metastasize During Removal and Cause New Fat Parcels to Show Up?

If a Lipoma removal can cause more Lipoma formations, than couldnt a fat graft that is removed result in more fat graft nodules forming?Of course you would not see them show up... READ MORE

Will Removing Fat Graft by Excision Activate Stem Cells in the Remaining Graft?

Causing the remaining fat graft nodules to grow? I was overfilled a very long time ago. Everytime I get some of the lumps cut out-within 18 months or so the remaining lumps are... READ MORE

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Can you expand more on fat graft becoming hypertrophic... And does that occur regardless of weight ?gain READ COMMENT

So transplanted fat becomes hypertrophic... Please expand on this ? Does it become that way regardless if weight gain READ COMMENT

There is a medical journal out there that shows pictures of a doctor removing fat graft from under a girls eye by incision. I know of one person only that was completley fixed of bad graft in just one shot she choose surgical removal as... READ COMMENT

Getting rid of fat graft lumps is very hard. It took me several different surgeries to remove most of my fat graft lumps by cutting them out. Watch out when you get preggo or gain weight the fat lumps will get bigger too. READ COMMENT

Found a medical journal showing fat graft glob removal from lip with pictures. http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/1756-0500-6-79.pdf READ COMMENT