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Work in Progress - Chicago, IL

My nose was super deviated from a previous rhinoplasty, I could not breath, and aesthetically it looked weird. READ MORE

Chicago's Best Kept Secret

I like to keep my hair quite short, and the ears sticked out quite a bit because of that. If the hair was kept long it really wasn't a problem. I went in for a consultation about pinning back my ears and redoing my nose that had deviated immensely since my primary rhinoplasty.  He throughly explained what happened to my nose and how it could be fixed and did a pretty cool job of... READ MORE

Questions from Jonnyboy

Had Lipo on my Stomach This Morning, is It Supposed to Look Like This?

I had Liposuction this morning to get Tumescent Liposuction on my upper and lower abdomen. About 750cc were removed, I was always thin just had super stubborn fat in the... READ MORE

I Think my Doctor Missed a Spot

7 Days have passed since I got Tumescent Lipo on my upper and lower abdomen and I am starting to fear that the doc missed an entire area. He mentioned before the surgery that... READ MORE

It's Been Four Months Since my Liposuction Procedure, It Looks the Same As Before the Surgery with Some Extra Scars

I am 24 years old, male, and I had tumescent liposuction in my abdomen a little over four months ago. The Doctor mentioned afterwards that he had a very tough time and had to... READ MORE

Getting Revision Rhino Next Month, Wondering if It's Worth Getting a Small Chin Implant? (photo)

I am getting revision rhinoplasty to fix a bad job caused my septum to totally collapse. Also the original work made it way to feminine. I know it's not easy to just... READ MORE

What can be done with an unsatisfactory open-rhino scar?

I'm 30 days post revision rhino and the result is looking very promising but unfortunately the incision site in the columella is just not looking very good. It's swollen, but... READ MORE

Recent comments from Jonnyboy

Scars are behind the ear, and they are hidden in the crease, you genuinely can't tell. There is ever so slight "telephoning" on the right ear. Might have it touched up when I get the revision rhino done. READ COMMENT