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55 Year Old Whom is Athletic Yet Does Adult Modeling

I have wrestled with a breast lift for over 20 years. Do to the scarring and waiting for a method that magically lifted them without scars and kept shape I have held off. I am at a point now where I really am tired of certain aspects of my breasts placement. I have 4 grown children and just seems a lot of extra skin. It has been told me me by every surgeon I have visited, about 4 each 5... READ MORE

53 Year Old Wants to Be Forever Young.... - Phoenix, AZ

I want to Just fix lower face and neck area . I feel like there is just too much skin . I have had eyes done and a brow lift and full face lift years back when I was 43 but the lower face is just got a little excess skin and there are small pockets around sides of mouth. I am hoping this will be the tune up I need. I usually don't scare bad, bruise too much and am pretty good and bouncing... READ MORE

Questions from Vanity Queen

Considering breast lift & small implant. I am currently size 34D or 32DD natural. 5'2" 112lbs. I work in Adult Film (Photo)

My question is are they going to be able to be nicer by doing this or will I ruin my career? I would like them to essentially be lifted and higher and more youthful looking and... READ MORE

Thoughts on Bellesoma lift? Scarring concern. (photo)

Hello I am considering a breast lift and even made 2 apts and canceled one so far... My issue is concerned about scarring on the breast lift. I recently found the Bellesoma... READ MORE

Are breasts from lift staying the same size? They are at post op 5 days? (Photos)

So I did my breast lift 5 days ago. I absolutely love them. I went to Dr yesterday and had the bandage taken off. I didn't think to ask about if they would remain the same size... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to tan after a breast lift?

I just completed a breast lift May 4th. I was wondering if there is an input on here. I used to spray tan often as it's better for skin. I was wondering if there is a time... READ MORE

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I am actually 32dd or 34d, the same size I was prior to the surgery but without the flab or overflow. So leaner more sculpted breasts but for sure higher and more full where I wanted to be. Many people think I had implants as they did... READ COMMENT

As I just posted above the steri strips for a month and then the scar cream NOVO for past 2 weeks so far. It is supposed to have umbilical chord in it. Then just being careful with them. Still wearing the surgical bra for the most part... READ COMMENT

They had me in steri strips for the 1st month , then the last 2 weeks been using NOVO scar md from the dr. It is supposed to have some umbilical chord in it . READ COMMENT

Looking Great ! READ COMMENT