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Lapband to Vertical Sleeve - Tijuana, Mexico

I have lost 30 pounds with a lapband, I had many issues, only 2 cc in my band. I am going to Dr Filipe in TJ Mexico in October to have a vertical sleeve surgery. I hope I won't regret it!!!!! I had to have my band defilled completely for a year. I have been having .2cc at a time and every 3 months have to have a fill and travel over 4 hours there and back. I just want to have a surgery and not... READ MORE

Beauty Care Recovery House and Dr Cardenas - Tijuana, Mexico

I had gone to Dr Cardenas in TJ Mexico for lipo and tt scar revision first. I was not planning on bbl because I didn't think my square behind had any hope. When I got there, Dr Cardenas looked me over and said that bbl would give me a nice shape. I was thrilled and got great results. My tt scar was lowered, she removed 10 L of fat and gave me a great shape. She recommended a TT revision. I... READ MORE

Loved my Results TT and More - Tijuana, Mexico

I had tt locally and I lost some weight after. I went to TJ Mexico to have revision and thigh lift, arm lift and revised my tt with Dr Carmina Cardenas. I love my results. I stayed at Beauty Care Recovery house where Dr Cardenas visited me every day, there are nurses on staff 24/7. They have all medical supplies plus emergency supplies. I was well taken care of. It has been 6 months. My... READ MORE

Thigh Lift Groin Incision - Tijuana, Mexico

I am very please with my results, my incision is thin and barely visible. I had very saggy skin and now my legs are proportionate. My scar is in the groin area. I am finally able to wear dresses. I am 6 months out. My thighs are nicely shaped. I started running and cellulites are becoming less visible. I am wearing dresses and shorts for the fist time since 1985. I am very happy with my... READ MORE

Questions from freespirit63

How Much Time to Wait Between TT and Breast Reduction?

I am having a revision tt, thigh lift and arm pit arm lift and want to have breast reduction 8 weeks later. Is that doable? READ MORE

Importance of Compression Garment for TT, Thigh/Arm Lift, and How Long Do I Wear It?

I had a second completely redone with mr tt and thigh lift and arm lift. How important is it to wear a tight compression and for how long? It's been 3 weeks and garment is... READ MORE

1 Month Post Thigh Lift With Groin Incision. Necessary To Wear Garment? (photo)

I had a thigh lift, groin incision 4 weeks ago. Is it necessary to wear compression on that area from now on to avoid thigh from sagging again. READ MORE

Plastic Surgery Scar Treatment After Thigh Lift? (photo)

I had thigh lift and tummy tuck and the scars in thigh lift in the groin are very dark. I would like to lighten their appearance only because when I bend the bathing suit... READ MORE

Thigh Lift Groin Incision? (photo)

I had thigh lift groin incision. I feel my thighs are still too thiick in the upper part. Should I have aggressive lipo and then revision to fix this problem if I dont want to... READ MORE

Can open stomach surgery scar be repaired to achieve flat stomach? (photos)

I had a TT in 2012 and in 2014 I had an open stomach surgery which left an ugly scar and indented stomach where the scar is. Is that something that can be repaired to make a... READ MORE

Recent comments from freespirit63

Good luck, I had many procedures with her, considering a neck lift, do you know how much she charges just for neck lift? READ COMMENT

I had many procedures with her and bragged about it and got accused I worked for her. I am 3 yrs post op and still love my booty and thigh lift and tt and arm lift READ COMMENT

Congrads. I am too Cardenas patient. She did a great job on you. READ COMMENT

Do you still feel tightness around the scar area? do u mind telling me how much he charged you foe this surgery READ COMMENT

Congradulations on the new you. You look amazing, Dr C did it again :) READ COMMENT