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Permanent Makeup can lighten up over time and also become "reddish". This is corrected usually by applying a green based pigment over the red and the brown will come back. I would recommend this over trying to have it removed. Find an... READ COMMENT

Lips are a muscle and when you tattoo a muscle it responds differently than skin. The lips always appear much darker when first done then after exfoliating appear too light and then after 4-6 weeks the color will start to show. Usually... READ COMMENT

When I have clients that want a smudge look, I use a wider configuration of needles that are spaced out so some skin will show through.  You can have a nice thin "crisp" line right at the lash line, called lash... READ COMMENT

I have to agree with the other artist's answers.  Sometimes it is your skin but most of the time it is the application process.  Overworking the skin causes swelling which reduces the color uptake.  Using water during the... READ COMMENT

Many people do not realize that the lips are a muscle and not skin.   Once they have been tattooed they start to dry and peel, usually within a few days.  It's very important to saturate the lips constantly with your... READ COMMENT