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Feb. 23, 0530 TT/Lipo - Scottsdale, AZ

I have only had one child who is now 22, I have gained and lost weight. recent weight loss is 44 pounds.. Tired of that flab of a stomach I have always had and hated. MY husband promised me if I lose weight I could get it done... I lost the weight and now I am being rewarded. As a nurse I think I know a little to much so that is making me anxious and the fact that I cant control what is... READ MORE

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TT on Wed. 2-23, what do you suggest for recovery

I have chux pads, stool softeners, and specimen containers to empty drains into. Is there anything else that I have to have??? Any suggestions for recovery??? READ MORE

Anyone sick of sitting around yet?????

Okay I am not a sitter.... I am frustrated that my doctor does not want me to start to do any thing for 3-4 weeks. I have to just sit and "take it easy", "do... READ MORE

Our Photos Show up on Google Images

Is there any way to make Realself photos private to members only? I seen all my pics on google images and was shocked. I may have to remove them unless this can be corrected. READ MORE

Feb. TT united... lets talk post op

Hello everyone, I had my TT on the 23, I am 4 weeks post op now... I am going thraough a lot of swelling and I was wanting to talk to other Feb. postops to see where your at in... READ MORE

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I am really happy.... I love the new me!!!!! I really have to start exercising now and watching what I eat because I have put on 5 pounds. My pants still don't fit in my legs so right now I am just wearing dresses. I look hot in them... READ COMMENT

Anything over 100 is not a good thing..... READ COMMENT

As A nurse I am going to tell you to call your PS RIGHT NOW....... You NEED TO Call!!!!!!!!!! READ COMMENT

Honey 72, Go get it waxed or keep shaving it... LOL Sorry you had to go back to work so soon,,, I am sure that being tired is very annoying. i am stressing about returning on my 6th week. I will be glad but i know that I will be tired... READ COMMENT

IT is perfectly normal. It is all the swelling from the surgery and the LIPO. I did not fit into my pants until week 3. (((super tight)))... Week 4 they are a little looser.. Hang in there.. It will take at least 6 weeks to be in your... READ COMMENT