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Well I might need some of that medication Ariana do U know it by name? where to get ti? Im trans and loosing some hair! :( READ COMMENT

Girl Relax ! she Looks great... not perfect ! but GORGEOUS... READ COMMENT

Yes I know how painful (emotionally in my case) this situation can be ... just trying to be helpful with others here who MIGHT think there s no solution to our problems... there is a way to have the silicon removed we just have to find... READ COMMENT

Did u get my message?? there is hope for us who made this big mistake! Dr Lazaro is the one to take care of your problems ... he did warned me that there was a risk of even death! since the silicon while being removed could end up in... READ COMMENT

I had almost two liters removed from my butt and hips! Dr Lazaro cardenas is very experienced not only in silicon removal but also doing facial fem. surgery! you will find a lot of info on you tube he performed surgery on a famous... READ COMMENT