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44, Work out but Never Got Flat Stomach Back After Hysterectomy - Medford, NJ

Always had a flat stomach but after 2 major surgeries and ending w a hysterectomy - I could never get my stomach flat again. I also started crossfit 4 months prior and continue 5x week, and I also cut out drinking everything except water. I aim (and usually hit target) of 100oz of water a day. I've lost 7lbs, NOT due to cool sculpting... due to committed healthy clean eating and diet. But... READ MORE

42, No Kids, Boobs Disappeared. New York, NY

I've been following this site for quite a while now, and it's helped me tremendously to make my decision. I'm 42, never had children, am very athletic, always had a nice chest that I was proud of - but it seems that quite suddenly - my boobs disappeared, or deflated. I did have a full hysterectomy 6 years ago, and went through surgical menopause, so I'm curious if the lack of young hormones... READ MORE

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First, i think you look great and big difference from your before. Some of the latest pics where you're seeing them sag - thing is, if you did go bigger, then gravity would make them REALLY sag. Your doctor probably choose that size... READ COMMENT

I believe you'll get results you want because you are very fit already and living a healthy lifestyle. You look great already. I did so 2 treatments right about where yours were placed... mine were placed a little angled though. Im... READ COMMENT

My doc said same thing about getting a lift and I also decided not to. Im very happy I didn't get a lift. Yours are perfect, totally perfect and you made a great decision. READ COMMENT

I'm not sure which applicator, but it was a newer machine. Pretty much if you can grab it with your hand, it'll suck up into to applicator. It's like a vacuum. If it wasn't able to work, they wouldn't charge you, right? READ COMMENT