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You Get What You Pay For: Great Result, Beyond my Wildest Dreams - Houston, TX

Between babies and menopause, my belly had taken on a life of it's own. Couldn't fix it with diet and exercise any more, so decided to try a tummy tuck. My results are spectacular. I was slender to begin with, but didn't have much of a waistline. He not only gave me a Sports Illustrated tummy (complete with ab definition), but used lipo to give me a lovely waist. My torso is... READ MORE

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Lessons from first week post op

Thought I was prepared but so much about this has been surprising. Lay still and there is no pain...move and it's off the chart so you just lay still. Abdomen feels SO... READ MORE

Important blood clot info for recent and future tt patients

9 days post op my calf hurt like I pulled a muscle...eased by noon. Same thing on day 10. Today calf was very tender and foot as well. Called PS. Was sent to ER where I was... READ MORE

Your recoveries, week by week...share please!!

I am now 2 1/2 weeks. Feeling so much better in many ways, but still pretty tired, and so slow. The issue is no longer pain for me, but it is this constant state of discomfort.... READ MORE

swelling after compression garment

Did most of you have increased swelling when you stopped wearing a compression garment? Any advice about this next phase? READ MORE

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I just now saw this post...I hope you went to the doctor! READ COMMENT

You probably are still swelling, but I don't think that is causing your pain. I was not allowed to to sit ups until I was 6 months post surgery!! Things are really tender inside and there was a whole lot of cutting and stitching. It... READ COMMENT

I think we had very gentle intercourse at 5 or 6 weeks, but my incision had pulled apart in two places at 4 weeks (DO NOT ARCH YOUR BACK!!!), so my healing was a bit delayed. I didn't have tape on my incision very long...maybe I wish I... READ COMMENT

Yamy, you need to be patient! It's been months since I've posted on this website. I am now 8 months post surgury. I feel like I have settled into my "permanent" body now, but it was easily 4-5 months before the swelling was under... READ COMMENT

There is certainly a range of recovery times...I wonder if it depends on how tightly your doctor stretched the skin. Mine was like a snare drum!! READ COMMENT