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Palomar 1440 Starlux Nonablative Fractional Resurfacing - Roseville, CA

This did weird things to my skin- it is a pretty powerful treatment. Heats up pixels of skin down deep, supposedly deeper than the 1540 handpiece. My skin was hot for a few hours, on fire actually, and swollen for maybe three days. My skin color looked a little bronzed and shiny, and felt rough until it sloughed off. Looked ok after first treatment. After my second treatment, my face... READ MORE

Microdermabrasion a Waste of Money - Sacramento, CA

I had three $100 treatments before considering IPL and wish I had saved my money. It felt pleasant enough, but I have better results with Retin-A and home microdermabrasion (I've tried a bunch of OTC microdermabrasion skin polishes containing aluminum oxide or other microcrystals... they are great). IPL and Retin-A are my favorite skincare choices. READ MORE

Retin-A is the Only Topical Treatment That Has Worked for Me

I've been using Retin-A on and off for about 15 years.  I'm 41 and used Retin-A for acne when I was younger, but now use it for improved skin appearance.  Insurance pays for part of the cost of the Retin-A, so I was estimating $150/year without a discount. I personally think Retin-A is the only topical product that really improves the texture and appearance of your skin outside of... READ MORE

Loved It! Can't Believe I Didn't Do It Sooner!

I'm very fair skinned, but pretty much looked like sasquatch from the waist down before my laser hair treatments.  The hair on my upper body is blonde, including the hair on my head, so I don't know which relative to blame for the lower-body travesty.  Anyway, after three treatments (lower and upper legs, full bikini, and perianal), I was about 80% hair free.  I'm on... READ MORE

Botox Worked Great for Me - Walnut Creek, CA

I am 41, and got two botox treaments (two different injection sites per treatment) this year, for $300 per tube, two tubes per treatment.  My plastic surgeon is well known and performed the injections- one over each eyebrow and one near the outside of each eye. The results were stunning, but botox does definitely make you feel a little weird.  I had no bruising or swelling... READ MORE

IPL Worked Great for Me

I had four IPL treatments over the course of 8 months and my skin looks great. I am 41, very fair with red undertones, had some sundamage and broken capilaries, and fine wrinkles under my eyes. IPL improved everything dramatically except for the fine wrinkles. I look 10 years younger. I have a very experienced, dedicated laser nurse who is up on all the technology and works in a... READ MORE

Questions from ClaireK

How Long Will It Take PIH Caused by IPL to Resolve?

I had IPL on my neck, shoulders and chest with an Alma Hamony device. I experienced good results with my first treatment, but the energy level was increased for my second... READ MORE

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I haven't had IPL in a few years, and just went to get my back and neck done. They have a new Palomar system at the cosmetic surgeon's office where I go to have my treatments, and it hurts a lot less (actually not at all) than the... READ COMMENT

Yes, I'm not supposed to post names, but if you drop me an e-mail using the link above my review, I'd be happy to share the name of my nurse and the location of the cosmetic surgery office (it's in a hospital complex in Roseville, CA). READ COMMENT

Hi, I posted a picture of my face so you can see the results. I will try to get the "before" polaroid from my laser nurse- I was very red, splotchy, and had numerous sun freckles. In the photo I am only wearing primer and Philosophy's... READ COMMENT

My first series of IPL (four total) were finished in October 08, and I will go for one more this year for maintenance. I think it worked great and am posting a picture in case you are curious about what my skin looks like. I can't say... READ COMMENT