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Is This Capsular Contracture? If So, What "Baker" Grade? How Long to Take Singular?

Surgery 1-27-2011.Told Dr about firm breast at 4 mos postop, again at 5 mos postop.Singular scrip at 5 mos, no improvement at 6 mos appt.Is this capsular contracture or pocket... READ MORE

Will Wearing my Wide-band Sports Bra in an "S" Pattern Help Asymmetry?

I have 450cc Gummy Bear Submuscular Implants (surgery 1-27-11). My right breast is rather high and firm (not hard) at 6 mos post op. Will wearing a wide band sports bra in an... READ MORE

Is There A Chance My Breast Implant Could Still Drop Even After 9 Months? They're Still Not Even.

Surgery 1-27-11, Silicone Gel Submuscular 450cc.Singular for 2.25 mos for firm right breast - breast are equally soft now. Vit E @1000mg taken daily w/singular 10mg. Will my... READ MORE

Is This Bottoming Out? Post Surgery Assymetry 9 Months out

Per Drs comments,I was symmetrical pre-surgery (as much as a human body *can* be) so the asymmetry is a post-surgical issue mostly.Measure 9.5cm from left areola to fold, 6.5cm... READ MORE

Opinions on Post-Op Photos, Do I Have An Acceptable BA Result?

Surgery 1-27.In June was put on Singular + Vit E 1000mg/day(Right breast firm & not maneuverable beyond very slight upward when squeezed from below) 2.5mos w/Singular has... READ MORE

What Can I Expect From Capsulectomy Recovery?

Scheduled capsulectomy/right fold lowering on 10-13.I will have a drain put in & expect to have it in for min. 5 days.what can i expect to feel from the drain being there -... READ MORE

Am I Getting a Contracture AGAIN? (photo)

First surgery 1-27;CC surgery 10-14 after singular for 4 mos;surgery re-do 10-17 for hematoma;still on singular as of 12-17;breast seems higher in photos,slightly firmer at the... READ MORE

11 Days Post Op from Hematoma Removal- Worried I Have Capsular Contracture.

Orig implants 1-27-11,Capsulectomy R side 10-14,bleeding stopped via surgery 10-17,random hematoma 200ccs of blood/fluid removed 12-21,Staph R infection currently being fought... READ MORE