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Is Thermage Safe?

Is Thermage safe? Is it a non-ionizing treatment, and if not, then isn't that harmful radiation? Also, is it safe to undergo Thermage every 6 months if you want? How does the... READ MORE

Can Metals Affect Thermage Results?

Is it okay that I forgot to remove my wedding ring before I had Thermage? I removed all metals except for the ring. READ MORE

Will Higher Thermage Levels Cause Problems?

My dermatologist uses the highest level on me during Thermage like she uses on a man, she says. She has the latest tip, but I would like to know if the higher the level, the... READ MORE

Will Newest Thermage Tip Prevent Cheek Fat Loss?

Please explain to me how people have lost fat after Thermage. If they have the newest tip, would that prevent hollow cheeks that I have read about? READ MORE

Treatment Spacing of 4 Days for Fraxel and Thermage?

I would like to know, if I space Thermage and a Fraxel treatment 4 days apart, is that okay? It will be my 9th Fraxel treatment and my 6th Thermage treatment since 2006. READ MORE

Is There Harm in Having Thermage Every 9 Months?

In your opinion, do you think that there is harm in having Thermage every 9 months? It works so well for me, but I wonder about the long term effects and the radio waves being... READ MORE

What Happens when You Have Thermage Too Often?

What actually happens in the years to come from sort of shrink wrapping the muscle or having Thermage so often?  What happens when you stop too? Will I wake up one day and... READ MORE

Does New Thermage Tip Help with Pain?

Please tell me the purpose of the new tip for Thermage. Is it for the pain and if so, then is it okay to use a higher degree of Radio Frequency to give better results for the... READ MORE

Facelift After Thermage and Fillers

After Using Thermage and Fillers,does Someone Need to Wait to Have a Face Lift? READ MORE

How Long Until you are Proficient in the Use of Ulthera?

Is there a special art to having Ulthera treatment because my Plastic Surgeon has only used the machine for 3months. Should I find a more experienced doctor who has used it... READ MORE

Ulthera - How Experienced Should a Doctor be?

Even though my doctor is qualified to perform Ulthera.. the fact that he hasn't done very many patients have anything to do with the results. I am talking about his... READ MORE

Can a Nurse Perform Thermage?

I will be going to a spa for Thermage soon and I was wondering if the nurse is fine to administer the pulses due to the fact that the machine is automatically set and she just... READ MORE

Can Thermage Damage Eyes?

Any harm to eyes while having Thermage as long as the doctor puts the eye protectors on? READ MORE

Ulthera Side Effects

Is it a common side effect to have welts with lines and a temporary rash after receiving Ulthera? Some say it can last a week. READ MORE

How Long Until I Can Have Treatments SUch as Fraxel and Fillers After Mini Lift?

I had a mini lift 3 months ago and want to know if Mild Fraxel, Fillers etc. can be performed now or should I wait longer for everything to heal? I had severe swelling... READ MORE

How Do Doctors Prevent Damage To Nerves Under Skin In Facial Procedures?

Could you please explain how the nerves in the face are safe from being damaged from a facelift, Injections, Thermage, Fraxel, Botox etc? When is it too much? Of Course not all... READ MORE

Can Having Upper Eyelid Thermage Treatments Make Your Upper Eyelid Droop?

After 2 Or 3 Thermage Treatments Over 5 Years On My Upper Lids, One Eyelid Seems To Lower Than The Other One. Could Thermage Cause This From Possibly Stretching The Skin Area? READ MORE

Side Effects of Fraxel Or Thermage?

Can Fraxel Or Thermage cause someone to have Bell's Palsy because of the high intense heat involved? Thank you READ MORE

8 Months Post Mini Lift and Still Have Loose Skin Around Mouth and Neck?

I had a mini lift 8 months ago and wish I had done a full face lift because the skin is loose around my mouth and neck. If I had a neck lift would that solve the loose skin... READ MORE

I Had a Chin Implant 8 Months Ago and Would Now Like to Have a Thermage Treatment?

I wanted to ask if it would be okay to have the Thermage treatment and if it would be more painful as the wand moves over that area. I also want to have a Refresh Fraxel... READ MORE

I Had Ulthera on my Neck 8 Months Ago?

I'm having a neck lift next month and was wondering if my having Ulthera on my neck 8 months ago pose any problems during surgery. I'm asking because of the collagen/ scar... READ MORE

Can Eyelid Thermage Make Lid Stretch and Begin to Look Like Ptosis?

Eyelid Thermage question: Can having Thermage on the eyelid several times throughout the years make the lid stretch and begin to look like you have Ptosis? READ MORE

Medrol After Neck Lift For 60 Year Old?

I am a 60 yr old female and I would like to know if I have to take Medrol after a neck lift. I have Osteoporosis and read that it may worsen brittle bones. Would it be okay to... READ MORE

I Am 57 Years Old and Have Excess, Loose Skin Under my Eyes?

My doctor wants to make the incision underneath my eyes in the lash line. Will the scar show and is this standard procedure? He also said filler may be an option intend of the... READ MORE

Eyelid revision?

I had upper Blepharoplasty surgery for loose skin in both eyes two years ago and noticed that one eyelid drooped more, so I had the levator muscle repaired this year and all... READ MORE

What is your opinion on the effectiveness of Stem Cell Vitamins?

Have you heard anything about a stem cell vitamin reversing the aging process, hair growth and changing your hair color from gray back to your original color? A doctor who I go... READ MORE

Adult Stem cell vitamins

My friend swears that her thick hair and younger looking face is due from taking these Stem Cell vitamins containing aphanizomenon flow aqua concentrate Cirdyceps sinensis... READ MORE

Too much anesthesia?

I'm 65 yr old female. In 2011 I had a mini lift/ eye blef /body lipo.In 2012 I had left eye ptosis fixed and excess skin taken out of the left eye. In 2013 I had deeper lift of... READ MORE

Effects of general anesthesia and surgery?

I had a mini facelift and body Lipo 3 years ago and I am planning on having surgery again because of my disappointment with the results of my first mini facelift. I have read... READ MORE

MIC Injections?

I am curious about this type of vitamin injections for skin and weight loss. Are you familiar with this treatment? I have a friend who gets this injection and I have noticed... READ MORE

Is it common to inject Botox under my bottom lash line under my eyes?

My doctor suggested Botox directly under my bottom lash line under my eyes and also across the width of my upper lip for lines and wrinkles. I didn't let her because I wasn't... READ MORE

Botox between the brows causing a flat/wide look?

Mt question is regarding the flat/wide look that I have seen in some women who get injections of Botox in the 11 area between the brows. I have noticed some of my friends... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Micro- Needling vs Fraxel?

Which is best for texture, wrinkles and collagen? I've had Fraxel once a year and was wondering if micro-needling would help more. READ MORE

Thermage face first Next day botox around eyes?

Is if okay to have lower face Thermage and then the next day place Botox around the eyes? I have had Thermage before with minimal downtime but can only schedule Botox the next day. READ MORE

Thermage first and now wanting to try Ulthera

Just had Thermage done yesterday and after reading about Ulthera I know wish I had done Ulthera first. How long do I need to wait to have an Ulthera treatment now? READ MORE

Tthermage cooling tip stopped mid treatment.

While my Thermage testament was being administered the wand stopped abruptly and the nurse said as she lifted a small canister that the cooling spray was out and she proceeded... READ MORE

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Thanks, I thought it was just the simple Fraxel treatment READ COMMENT

That redness and scabs came from Fraxel? I've had 7 fraxel treatments and never had that look. What exactly did the doctor do. I only looked mildly sunburned READ COMMENT