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Is There a Good Doctor for Injectable Fillers in Manhattan?

Every week for 6 wks a well-known Manhattan dermatologist has been trying to place filler in the tear trough. I look terrible, cheek lumps, bumps, "pot holes" from... READ MORE

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Yes, it binds with water and that is why you will notice it poof out sometimes. That is the purpose of HA, to hold hydration and make it plump. So some fluctuation will be evident. I cant seem to understand why these drs dont just tell... READ COMMENT

Hi there, In my opinion the fillers in the lip do not last long from everything I have heard. I would let it go down on its own, it will reduce significantly in 3 months. As for the price, yes, in fact is was $3,200 just for under eyes.... READ COMMENT

Hyaluronidase DOES NOT dissolve your tissue or fat, what it does dissolve is your own hydroaluain acid and yes, leave indents, holes, whatever you want to call them. You think the agent knows the difference between hydo acid that was... READ COMMENT

Wow, you go to a spa in Arizona and spend $500 and they do a good job and I go to a top Manhattan derm and spend $3,200.00 and it was so hideous I had to dissolve it and a bit is lingering and yuck. Your eyes look great! READ COMMENT

Not true on the hydrolase. It does in fact dissolve your own hydraulonic (sp) acid. That is what people are mistaking for their own tissue and fat. I had under eye filler, it looked like absolute hell, I had it dissolved and some didnt... READ COMMENT