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6 Years out and Still Better Than 20/20! - Appleton, WI

I was very, very nearsighted with terrible astigmatism in both eyes. I literally oculd not see my hand in front of my face. I had to put my glasses on to read my alarm clock 6 inches from my nose. My glasses were sooooo expensive (sometimes upwards of $500 a pair) and I needed new ones twice a year. I decided to have bladeless LASIK in 2004. I am a pharmacist, and I noticed I was filling... READ MORE

Bringing Sexy Back?! - Green Bay, WI

I'm a 33 year old mother of 3 (including a set of twins). No C-sections, but I was stretched to the limit with my boys, going to 37.5 weeks with 2 seven pounders! After all was said and done, I lost 40lbs and am back to my "ideal" body weight of 153lbs (I'm 5'10"). The twin skin plagues looks like crepe paper. The linea nigra never went away, and was so... READ MORE

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Will I be able to run again, and how soon?

I've found this website so helpful, so I'm hoping for more help. I'm in the "consultation" phase of this process after having gigantic twin boys 11 months... READ MORE

Subglandular implant placement. Experiences?

I have had two consultations so far and while each surgeon has told me precisely the same thing regarding the abdominoplasty part of things, they have stylistic differences... READ MORE

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No need. I had minimal diastasis. I really didn't want to have my muscles altered (I also had overs with the boobs), and the PS said given how small the muscle separation was, it wasn't really necessary. My recovery has been super... READ COMMENT

I wear my binder off and on, and spanx when I go walking. It's strange to go without something, but it helps me with the itching, so some nights I sleep without anything. I'm getting used to it. Last Saturday we too the kids to the... READ COMMENT

Your belly is crazy flat! I'm jealous :) I am so swollen today, it's ridiculous. It was my first day home alone with all three kids, and my belly is rock solid with fluid! So now I'm bound up tight with my compression garment and... READ COMMENT

What an amazing transformation :) You must be thrilled! Hope you're still feeling well...I'm 2 weeks out and feeling pretty great! READ COMMENT

Be patient :) I had overs, remember, so they are settling quickly! Did they give you a srap to wear to push them downward? My PS was going to give me one, but changed his mind when he saw me Wednesday. He said they seem to be... READ COMMENT