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Just Had TT with Minor Lipo of Flanks and Muscle Tightening - New York

Hello everyone. I have been lurking on this site for months now, reading reviews and concerns and looking at before and after pictures. Ok so here is some of my back story. My name is Pete and I am 26 years old from NY. All of my life I have been very overweight. After years and years of attempted diets that failed after 4 days, I finally settles down and almost 3 years ago started eating... READ MORE

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Haha thanks. That 2nd picture (skinnier me) is after the weight loss but pre surgery. Can't tell with the shirt on but my gut was all loose skin I have before tummy picks and have been taking recovery photos once a week, but have been... READ COMMENT

I had a good amount of redundant skin for the weight loss. Otherwise, the rest of my body i was in very good shape and toned/border line muscular from the countless hours at the gym during my weight loss. He also lipo'd the flanks just... READ COMMENT

His attendent, Theodoro Spero, has a private practice himself in the city. He charges about 10k for the procedure. He is Dr Drapers mentor so to say, so when booking at the clinic, Dr Draper needs to be able to secure the operating room... READ COMMENT

Hmm I've had no issues talking with Dr. Draper. I have corresponded with him through email however, with the occasional call. He does sometimes take a day or 2 to get back to me via email, but I havent had any pressing issues either,... READ COMMENT

Hey, yea about 5 months ago I completed a round of P90x. I was in the best shape of my life. But then summer hit, and I was so discouraged that the rest of my body looked great and toned very well but I had this "gut" of skin. So over... READ COMMENT