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Didn't Work for Me and Hurt Too Much - Canada

I have always had cellulite and jumped at the chance to try something to get rid of it, besides cellulite creams. I bought 10 appointments up front and it hurt like crazy. It also didn't do a thing. My cellulite looked the exact same as it had in the beginning. The clinic took a before picture but didn't even offer to take an after picture which I thought was funny. READ MORE

Questions from acup33

Is a Post Surgical Support Bra Supposed to be This Uncomfortable?

I had an explant with lollipop breast lift, 1 week ago. I Went from a D cup back to my A cup. I had to get the smallest bra size support bra since I am only 29 inches around my... READ MORE

Can I Take the Steri Strips off Around the Areola Now?

I had a lollipop lift after explants 3 weeks and 2 days ago. The steri strips underneath the breast have mostly peeled off but the ones around the areola and still on there... READ MORE

Areolas Are Now Different Sizes

I had an explant & mastopexy 2 mons ago. Im happy with it except for the vastly different areola size. I know this is "normal" in other women, but I was always... READ MORE

Can I Get Microdermabrasion and an IPL Photo Facial in the Same Month?

I had my first microdermabrasion on low setting last week. I made an appointment for the second one in 2 weeks. I really liked it. I also bought myself an IPL photofacial which... READ MORE

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Hi Jennyk, I can't really comment on your question because I didn't have problems with my health and my implants. I only had mine taken out because I thought they were looking unnatural and they were getting too big since I started... READ COMMENT

I'v never had labiaplasty but I have had surgery. cosmetic and otherwise. It's normal to feel nervous. I'm sure your surgery will go well and that you will be ecstatic about the results. I'v never heard anything negative about... READ COMMENT

It's been a week and a half now, and although the bandages are still on, and the stitches haven't fully dissolved, the bruising is gone and I can tell that they look exactly like they did when I was 20! I'm happy about that. Definately... READ COMMENT

Hi Beulah, No I wasn't feeling sick at all. I don't think I had any negative health effects from the implants but they were saline and not silicone. If you like yours I would think very hard before removing them. I got the lift... READ COMMENT

I had saline implants for 14 years and just had them removed last week, for the same reasons that you all are mentioning. They were too big, too hard, I didn't feel comfortable with them (especially now that I'm in my 40's) I found that... READ COMMENT