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If your teeth are small, I think lumineers would probably be okay for you. They will be thicker than your teeth, so know that. I know what you mean about hating your teeth. I hated how stained and naturally yellow mine were. It has been... READ COMMENT

Thanks Raj: I have them and the did make my bottom teeth look much younger. The top ones are thicker and sort of unnatural looking, but I did try deep whitening and it really didn't do much for my teeth. My dentist did shorten my teeth... READ COMMENT

So Raj, are you saying that now that I have lumineers that I am just stuck? I guess that is what you are saying. I did have braces and didn't have a problem with the line-up of my teeth now or then. I did however have really yellow... READ COMMENT

I am getting more used to my Lumineers and I don't hate them anymore. I have learned how to bite into stuff, it is just a little more difficult . But I have to say that I had yellow teeth my whole life. always, even as a kid and I... READ COMMENT

Now you have me scared , why were they a health risk? They shaved mine down too, as they were too boxy,as attested to by the dentist on this site. So what was they health thing? I agree, I wish I never did it. My mouth is beginning to... READ COMMENT