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It's perfect. The two blend beautifully. The fading looks natural. You are way over thinking this. Embrace it, it's lovely, and don't over correct. Sometimes knowing when to stop is key. READ COMMENT

You know, none of us are symmetrical. In all your before pix you are gorgeous but your upper lip line is a little lopsided. You probably don't see it since that's what you were used to seeing. The surgery seems to have made that... READ COMMENT

I am 55 and spent my February post-TT convalescence buying bikinis on eBay. Found some gorgeous ones -- brand new and great deals. You bet I am going to wear them! :) READ COMMENT

That doctor sounds the most sensible. If your muscles aren't in need of repair, then it doesn't help to have them tightened. My muscles were great and I have nice looking abs already -- even under the swelling. I am glad this doctor... READ COMMENT

I am 4 weeks out now and have been cleared to return to my exercise program, but he told me to phase it in over two weeks. I feel pretty good, but am still in some pain at night -- mostly because of swelling. The binder makes me feel... READ COMMENT