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I haven't posted since March 2013 (Merrill902) when I reported my new autoimmune diagnosis. My Radiesse injection was in the early fall of 2010. It migrated to my jawline about eight months later in the form of hard lumps under the... READ COMMENT

I also developed an autoimmune disease within a year of Radiesse injection. At the onset, I had extremely dry eyes and mouth at night, possibly Sjogren's Syndrome. Testing revealed positive ANA but Sjogren's was ruled out. My eye... READ COMMENT

I went to a prominent Plastic Surgeon in Minneapolis for Radiesse injections into nose folds and marinette lines. I was quite bruised for a couple of weeks. For several months, my face looked really good - no sagging. Then suddenly... READ COMMENT

I had Radiesse six months ago on August 4th, 2010 - nasal folds and marinette lines. Had silver dollar size bruises on either side of my jaw/jowel at injection site. There were no other issues outside of two unnoticeable pea-sized... READ COMMENT