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Breastfeeding with a Leaking Saline Implant - Replace with Silicone?

I am currently breastfeeding my 4 month old baby. I had saline implants placed under the muscle almost 7 years ago. One implant is deflated due to a leak (I assume.)I need both... READ MORE

Under Eye Bags: Best and Most Cost Effective Way to Remedy This?

I just turned 26 and feel that I am far too young to have this problem. Looking back at old pictures it seems I have always had somewhat of a deep set eye, but my under eyes... READ MORE

Maxillofacial Surgeon Vs a Plastic Surgeon to Inject Restylane in Under Eye Hollow?

I don't have terrible hollows under my eyes, but I have enough to where it bothers me, and makes me look tired. I found a Maxillofacial Surgeon that injects Restylane,... READ MORE

Can Dysport Incorrectly Injected Cause Hallowing Under the Eyes and Eye Bags Permanently?

At age 24, seeking help for under eye hallowing..I went to a medspa. Being young, and not well educated on fillers, etc... I trusted in the nurse. She suggested I get Dysport.... READ MORE

Will my Under Eye Bruise After Juvederm Become a Hemosiderin Stain? (photo)

I had Juvederm XC injected in my "tear trough" area for under eye hollows 9 days ago, and i still have a sever bruise under my left eye. It doesn't seem to have... READ MORE

Is This The Tyndall Effect or a Healing Bruise Under Eyes? (photo)

I had Juvederm XC injected into my tear trough area for under eye hallows 5 weeks ago. I had a SEVERE bruise under my left eye and a smaller bruise under my right. I still have... READ MORE

Do I Need to Replace my 1 Year Old Silicone Implant with Another when I Have my Capsulectomy?

My saline implant(480cc)deflated after 6 years and I had it replaced within 4 months of deflation with Natrelle silicone implants(700cc.) I had a capsulectomy. I am 15months... READ MORE

3 Months po mini tummy tuck. Pain and Stomach not tight/flat as expected. Swelling? Not enough fat/skin removed? (Photo)

I had a mini tummy tuck/lipo of flanks, outer thighs/hips, and some "defatting" of my belly... My stomach looked more flat a few weeks ago than it does now. I also have pain... READ MORE

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Did this ever heal? I had my eyes done 12 days ago, and although my bruise is much smaller than this, it isn't healing! I am terrified. I too have had a weird shooting pain on one side! I can't believe how scary this can be for some. I... READ COMMENT

How long does it seem to last? I am in my twenties, and mine is due to genetics and I believe weight loss... I don't want to get myself into something I'll need to repeat every year.. hoping maybe this will help generate new growth of... READ COMMENT

Do you know anything about Juvederm? I'm so confused because some PS are saying absolutely Restylane and some say Juvederm!! I don't even look at ME anymore, all I see are under eye bags! Its just sad! Its not for others, because I get... READ COMMENT

All you 30, 40, 50 somethings... I am a former model, and am only 26, due to my genetics I have this very hallowing problem. So please don't feel bad. I went to a PS and he turned me down for injections, surgery or anything. He said I... READ COMMENT

Your result is awesome!!! Did you have Juvederm in your tear troughs? I am looking into this... how long did it last for you? READ COMMENT