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Hi my experience is similar to CTchick the uncomfortable ache has also subsided. It used to bother me every day and now I can go weeks with nothing and am surprised when it occasionally flares up READ COMMENT

Has anybody suffering from side affects experienced facial atrophy ( facial wasting) ? I first had the painful nodules I now have facial wasting and sunken eyes on the side where the lumps first occurred? This is 4-5 years after injections. READ COMMENT

I think time is the answer. I wished there was a magic wand but after my experience I would be dubious to take it. As, as with sculptra, maybe it wouldn't work with me. The reaction is far less obvious now and although I feel that... READ COMMENT

I have read of some people who have been for surgery, if you look you can see various experiences. I did nothing as I didn't trust and couldn't afford it. There is also the embarrasment - what would I tell people?? I was 'lucky'... READ COMMENT

They can be hard, I had some that you could move these were more compact and then I had another that was soft but longer - rather like a squirt of toothpast. Are yours visible and are they causing any miscomfort? READ COMMENT