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47, 145 Lbs, Coolsculpting to Flanks, First Round

(I'll post before/after photos at the 3-month mark, when I return to the clinic.) I'm 47 and suddenly gained a lot of weight this year in my middle section and legs. The love handles/flanks I've developed are most prominent around the back side (although they're there right around the sides too), so it looks like they're spilling out of my jeans. I thought I'd try Coolsculpting and made an... READ MORE

Very Happy with Radiesse Results - Toronto, ON

Last year I had a positive experience with fillers (Restylane, Perlane) to help with facial fat loss under the eyes, in the cheek area, and prejowl area at this same doctor's office. This time I went back knowing that I would ask to have the same areas filled out but with a longer lasting filler, but didn't think I wanted to have the area under my eyes done. The doctor was on exactly the same... READ MORE

Restylane + Perlane by Skillful Doctor - Positive Experience - Toronto, ON

I received 3 cc's of injectable fillers today: Restylane, Perlane and a third whose name I can't remember (will return with the name once I have it). About me: I'm 43, and I have big deep circles under my eyes, long tear troughs that extend into my cheeks, and troughs in the pre-jowl sulcus area. I tend to look tired. I was never crazy about the idea of fillers because they're so temporary,... READ MORE

11 Months Later: Not Worth It After All

I'm planning to keep a log of the healing progress for my Ultherapy treatment, which I had yesterday. A nurse at the clinic performed the procedure. DAY 1 DETAILS: ***IMPORTANT NOTE: I want to alert other users that I had this on the first day of my menstrual period. The nurse said this may explain the extreme pain I felt. I would not recommend booking during your period!*** Shortly after... READ MORE

Questions from Toronto2695

Is FaceTite Safe and Effective for Tightening and Facial Fat Reduction?

I realize the FRAL procedure FaceTite (a version of BodyTite but without the suction) is pretty new and therefore doesn't have long-term studies done, but I'm hoping to... READ MORE

Has BodyTite Proven to Be Safe and Effective So Far?

BodyTite seems relatively new and uncommon. I'm considering having this procedure done (maybe even along with FaceTite) because it's billed to be "minimally... READ MORE

For Fatty/Soggy Face - FaceTite, or Ultherapy + Lipodissolve?

I have a small thin face (I'm not overweight) but it's quite fatty and droopy ("pudding face"). I'm 40 and everyone in my family has this predisposition.... READ MORE

Is CelluTite a Safe and Long-term Procedure for Cellulite?

I'm considering CelluTite for the cellulite on my upper legs and buttocks. Has anyone heard about the effectiveness of this deep RFAL procedure? Is it safe? Are the results... READ MORE

Facetite - Safety of Subdermal Wand?

I'm trying to make a decision on Facetite, which uses radiofrequency not just on the surface but also through a wand inserted under the skin; hoping for advice. My concerns... READ MORE

Is Ultherapy Cost Effective over Several Years?

I'm 42 and have seen a lot of conflicting information online about the longevity of Ultherapy's tightening effect. Some doctors say the effects last up to a year, while others... READ MORE

What Will the Future Look Like? Ever-larger Cheek Implants/fillers?

I'm in my mid-forties and have some fat loss under eyes & tear trough, indentations on sides of chin, sag, etc. I'm thinking about the future. In the short term, I'll... READ MORE

Should I Stop Taking Supplements (Eg. Fish Oil, Ubiquinol) After Ultherapy?

I had Ultherapy a few days ago. I have been taking omega-3-rich fish oil supplements for a few months, as well as ubiquinol (CoQ10), green tea, and magnesium, all of which are... READ MORE

If Ultherapy Does Cause Fat Atrophy, How Long Might It Be Before I Noticed This--weeks, Months, or Longer?

I've read some differing ideas on whether Ultherapy can cause fat atrophy. I realize there's no proof either way yet, but theoretically if it were to cause inadvertent fat loss... READ MORE

Can Radiesse or other fillers cause mole-type growths?

I'm 45. Two years ago a cosmetic surgeon injected Juvederm(?) in my pre-jowl sulcus areas. About 1 year ago I got Radiesse in the same spots. 6-8 months ago a tiny bump... READ MORE

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Gypsyjazzgirl, I see a very clear difference between the first and last photos. Your jaw/chin lines look tighter! Congratulations. I hope you'll continue to post updates--so helpful. :) READ COMMENT

I have the same thoughts on this. And I have read here on RealSelf several comments by doctors suggesting that the post-procedure photos at 6 and 12 months are better than at 3 months. It would be fantastic if everyone continued to post... READ COMMENT

Hi gypsyjazzgirl, to me it looks like you've definitely got some tightening going on. Strangely, even though you didn't have ultherapy done on your face, it looks as though the jaw/jowl area is somewhat tightened as well--it may be some... READ COMMENT

Uh oh--tip??? It never occurred to me to tip for these kinds of services. (Would someone tip a doctor if they performed this?) I don't feel too badly for not tipping, especially since they had me pay upfront instead of after the... READ COMMENT

Definite difference between the Day 6 and Week 11 photos, gypsyjazzgirl! READ COMMENT