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From my experience, fillers have lasted 3 years so far and still going strong. I did have several sessions tho, so you may need to have a few until you are happy with your look, then leave it to settle. It's probably quite an individual... READ COMMENT

I feel for you!! I am in little old New Zealand, occuloplastic surgeon from the Eye Institute in Remuera, Auckland. Sorry that's probably not much help, although with the US / NZ exchange rate....??anyway....I feel compelled to let... READ COMMENT

I went to a skilled occuloplastic surgeon for my filler (specialist eye surgeon). As I recall, he said the blindness can be caused by filling one major vein or blood vessel (I cant remember which) with a significant amount of filler. To... READ COMMENT

Hi there, I had upper bleph in Sept 2010 with the same horrible hollow results. I immediately started looking for a solution. After about 3 months I had filler (esthelis) injected and continued topping it up over the next 2 years. I was... READ COMMENT

Hey there, how are you going...just checking that you're ok. I'm happy to share photos, just via email rather than online. I think you can email me direct if you want. I have already shared photos with another lady in the same... READ COMMENT