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Breast Implant Surgery - General Anesthesia or Local Anesthesia?

I would like to have just local anesthesia for my breast implant surgery but it seems that most Dr.s only offer general....I am allergic to all narcotics and found that with my... READ MORE

Saline VS Silicone - Which One is Weaker/stronger and Which Will Last Longer?

I am very comfortable getting saline implants because both my mother and sister have been successful with theirs... however a nurse at a clinic was very down on saline and said... READ MORE

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Hello- thanks for getting back with me so quickly, that is a really great deal beings that he is a PS and not just an MD! I am looking in to having it done soon but have not had any consultations wondering if traveling to... READ COMMENT

I think this Dr. did a good job and you look nice and full and natural. I was wondering why your costs seem to be so low? Was your Dr just an MD or a plastic surgeon and were your implants saline or silicone?? READ COMMENT

Did you get silicone or saline implants? And also, was your Dr a board certified plastic surgeon or just an MD? That is an incredibly LOW price- that us why I ask about your DR! You look great! READ COMMENT