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Liposuction and Thread Lift Went Wrong - Savannah, GA

I had a thread lift along with lipo under my jowls, chin, and neck. I'm 43 years old with fairly good skin. It's now been 6 weeks since surgery and my chin is loose and saggy. Also when I pull my head back and expose everything under my neck it is horrible looking. My left neck band is protruding out and feels unnaturally tight. I'm not sure how to handle this as I feel lost on... READ MORE

Questions from TJR

How Long Does Neck Lift Swelling Last?

I'm 6 weeks into my healing and I'm still very swollen under my jaw. When I came home from the procedure I was swollen like a watermelon it was enormous. The swelling... READ MORE

Liposuction Dents

I had liposuction done to my neck region and the procedure caused two hollow like dents. It really looks bad and I'm not sure what can be done to help correct this issue.... READ MORE

Hollow Dents After Liposuction / Neck Lift

I had threadlift with liposuction under the jawline, chin and neck 4 months ago which ended up exposing my platysma bands and producing hallow dents. Two months after that... READ MORE

Liposuction Tunnel Scars

Procedures; Ist thread lift, liposuction- jawline, chin, and neck. 2nd Revision-neck lift incision under chin but not behind the ears and thread lift taken out. I'm 2... READ MORE

Will a Facelift Correct Neck Bands?

I had some procedures done that did not yield good results and left my skin and tissues very damaged in the neck region. I now don't have enough fat in my neck which has... READ MORE

Liposuction: Too Much Fat Removed

Hi I had sub-mental liposuction and thread lift that did not yield good results. Basically to much fat was removed and it exposed my platysma bands. My PS removed the threads... READ MORE

Revision mini neck lift complications

Hi I had sub-mental liposuction and thread lift that did not yield good results. Basically my PS removed to much fat and exposed my neck bands. Revision was a mini neck lift... READ MORE

How Do You Correct Too Much Fat Removed During Neck Lift

If you had too much fat removed from submental liposuction and it caused your muscle bands to show and indentations how would you go about correcting this problem? If you are a... READ MORE

Asymmetry After Necklift

I had a bleed underneath my jawline after necklift surgery. This caused my tissues underneath my skin to thicken. My left jawline is bigger then my right jawline. It is very,... READ MORE

Cosmetic Fillers other than Fat in the Neck Area?

Is there any other filler that can be used in the neck region other then fat injections to fill in a indentation from to much fat removal? One that is temporary and can add... READ MORE

What is the likely hood of fat surviving in the neck Fat Grafting?

What is the likely hood of fat surviving in the neck? I had too much fat removed and it has caused my neck to look bad. I've been told I need fat grafts but everything I... READ MORE

What is Best Procedure to Remove Adhesion Scars on Neck from Aggressive Liposuction?

What would be the best procedure to correct adhesion scars from aggressive liposuction in the neck region? Please explain why your procedure would be best to correct such a... READ MORE

Looking like a train wreck from a Bad Results from Chin/Neck Liposuction, What are My Best Options for Fixing This? (Photos)

Nothing is as disheartening as being told your the perfect candidate for chin and neck liposuction then coming out of that procedure looking like a train ran across your neck!... READ MORE

10 months post op, Bad Results from Chin/Neck Liposuction, What are My Best Options for Fixing This? (Photos)

Hi, this is TJ again. I have posted a pre-op picture along with a post-op. My lipo was done 10 months ago and my 1st revision surgery was 8 months ago which was platysmaplasty... READ MORE

Can ArteFill or Sculptra be used to Fill in Irregularities in the Neck After Liposuction?

Can Artfill or Sculptra be used successfully in filling in indentations from over zealous liposuction in the neck region? And if so what are your thoughts about this technique?... READ MORE

Is there a Safe Filler that Can be Used for Volume Replacement in the Neck?

Is there a safe filler that can be used in the neck are to fill in a dent caused from aggressive liposuction? One that is temporary and can add enough volume so you can see the... READ MORE

Which Facial Fillers are Safe to Use in the Neck to Correct Lipo Depression?

What "temporary" facial filler would be safe to use in the neck to try and correct lipo depression? I am interested in a temporary solution first before a more... READ MORE

Recent comments from TJR

Well I had the neck lift about a week ago and now I'm left with a crooked smile. I have motor nerve damage to the mandibular nerve. I am now devastated and at my mental breaking point! I never wanted this invasive procedure but felt as... READ COMMENT

Hi Sharon I talked with my PS today and he is willing to take full responsibility and seemed genuinely sincere about how the outcome turned out. He recommended doing a neck lift with incisions under the chin and behind the ears. I am... READ COMMENT

I see him tomorrow and plan on asking him how long I need to wait before a revision can take place. Once he lets me know what the procedure is I will then take that information and get a second opinion. I will keep you updated as I find... READ COMMENT

Yes he is board-certified and also comes from a very well establishment that's been around for years. He did my daughters breast augmentation and it came out beautiful. I know the face and breast are completely different and now I'm... READ COMMENT